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Hurricane Ian On Brink Of Upgrading to Category 5 Level As It Starts To Make Landfall


Hurricane Ian is on the brink of becoming a Category 5 storm Wednesday.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS), a government agency responsible for scientific studies into natural disasters, issued urgent warnings to Floridians and others in its path about potentially deadly storm surges along the western coast of the state.

Hurricane Ian gained significant strength from Tuesday night through Wednesday morning, becoming a Category 4 storm poised to become Category 5, according to ABC News. Landfall along the western coast of Florida is expected in the coming hours, accompanied by a life-threatening storm surge, the USGS warned.

Winds reached 155 mph around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday morning when Hurricane Ian was just 65 miles west-southwest of Naples, according to the Palm Beach Report. Category 5 designation starts at 157 mph winds.

#Ian‘s maximum sustained winds are now 155 mph, just short of Category 5 status (157mph.)

Storm surges are ranked as one of the most dangerous natural hazards to humans and other animals, often coming with enough strength to erode protective dunes and breach inland areas, USGS reported. Homes, businesses, roads, bridges, waters and sewer systems are all at risk, along with the chance of profound changes to coastal landscapes, USGS continued…. (Read more)

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