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Report Claims DeSantis Unleashed on Trump – The Florida Governor Apparently Called Former President a Moron

What’s Happening:

Americans have wondered who will represent the GOP in 2024. Most polls show Trump winning by a wide margin

But Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is often second place. In a few polls, he’s very close.

And it seems the liberal media is worried that one of them men will be the headliner. Because even though neither has announced a campaign–the left is making some shocking claims about their relationship.

From Vanity Fair:

“He calls him a TV personality and a moron who has no business running for president,” the former staffer said…

Trump, meanwhile, vents about DeSantis constantly, according to people who speak with him. Trump’s animus is fueled by his belief that he put DeSantis in the governor’s mansion.

According to Vanity Fair, a former staffer for Ron DeSantis claims that the governor often insults Donald Trump in private.

The unnamed staffer (of course) says DeSantis often calls Trump a “moron.” This person also said that DeSantis would launch a “full frontal” attack against Trump if they ran against each other.

The same report claims that Trump is resentful against DeSantis, claiming he got him the governor’s job.

Trump is reported as saying DeSantis was losing until he endorsed him in 2018.

Is any of this true? There is no way we can be sure. Vanity Fair isn’t known for its hard-hitting reports.

And like most liberal news outlets, it relies on unnamed sources and folks eager to make a name for themselves.

Publicly, DeSantis and Trump continue to be allies. And it is in the left’s best interest to make them appear enemies–to distort a possible 2024 primary lineup.

They did this for years with Mike Pence and Trump, even going as far as to say Trump would select another running mate for 2020 (which he didn’t).

The real news is that neither Trump nor DeSantis have announced a 2024 campaign. DeSantis is currently running for re-election on a strong platform of accomplishments.

Would he throw in his hat for 2024? He might not have decided that yet.

Even Trump has kept his 2024 plans a secret.

Many have speculated the left wants Trump to run over DeSantis. But the bottom line is, the left does not get to decide the GOP candidate.

Republican voters will decide who they want running, based on that candidate’s merit.

And Democrats better be scared, because whoever it is, will eat the left for lunch.

Key Takeaways:

  • A new Vanity Fair article claims Trump and DeSantis attack each other in private.
  • DeSantis reportedly called Donald Trump a “moron.” Trump resents DeSantis, claiming he helped him win.
  • This comes as Democrats scramble to control the 2024 Election two years before it happens.

Source: Vanity Fair

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