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Chris Wallace Stabs Own Father In Back In Interview, Blames 60 Minutes For Polarization In America

CNN host Chis Wallace stabbed his own dead father in the back on Bill Maher’s show last night. Talk about ungrateful. Without Mike Wallace there is no chance Chris Wallace has the career he has. Zero chance.

So how does Chris repay the one man he owes everything to? By blaming him and the hit show he was on, 60 Minutes, for what ails America. Wallace said:

“CBS and ABC and the other owners of the media viewed the news as a public service…I gotta be careful with this because I know you are a huge fan of 60 minutes but I kind of feel to a certain degree 60 Minutes and my father are responsible for what happened.

“60 Minutes made money and suddenly the executives said, ‘you can make money with new and that led to more biased news coverage. 60 Minutes opened Pandora’s box where you can make money from news.”

Maher said, “They don’t want to make people turn the dial the wrong way – except on this show. I’ve paid for that.

“There are lots of woke people who used to watch that don’t anymore.

“It’s just that the left went crazy, so I have to do it more.”

According to Deadline:

“Wallace traced the problem back to the golden days of three major channels and the world tuning in at 6:30 PM to hear about the world from Walter Cronkite or Huntley-Brinkley.

“Those programs drew audiences of as much as 29 million, but they weren’t profit centers. But the men who ran the networks at the time saw news as a public service, and if it didn’t lose an enormous amount of money, they were fine with that.

“But when Chris Wallace’s father, Mike Wallace, and his 60 Minutes team started in 1968, things shifted. That show began making money, “and suddenly, the executives in television said, ‘You can make money from this.’” That’s when they “started chasing an audience.”

“Maher was stunned. “Aren’t you a bigger fan of 60 Minutes than me?” Maher joked that perhaps the negative attitude stemmed from the show taking Chris’s father away from home too much.”

According to The Hill:

“Chris Wallace said he became “a bit bored” with politics after years of political coverage, leading him to his CNN show that incorporates different interests and guests from different backgrounds.

“Wallace said on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” on Friday that he was not bored during the Trump administration because it was always interesting, despite it being a “show.”

“He said someone was responsible for monitoring tweets while he hosted “Fox News Sunday” because something would change between the time he arrived at the studio at 6 a.m. and when his show started at 9 a.m.”

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