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Lauren Boebert Warns Big Tech To Stop Censoring Conservatives Or Face GOP’s Wrath After November

GOP Rep Lauren Boebert put Big Tech on notice for censoring conservatives warning them that when the Republicans take back the House America will get its free speech back. Evidence suggests the Biden administration was, and now it appears they are using surrogates, directly telling Big Tech companies who to censor.

It is illegal for the government to restrict free speech so Boebert needs to investigate and make criminal referrals for these outrageous and un-American violations. If Garland won’t do anything, the next GOP Attorney General under Trump or DeSantis must.

Big Tech can do what they want, unless we change the laws, but the federal government cannot move to restrict the speech of its citizens and all those who are participating in these illegal actions must be held to account.

If we lose our rights to free speech, and we are, we will lose all our rights in short order. According to Sean Hannity (in the video below) this started under Trump’s DHS so we need answers.

Lauren said:

“We don’t even realize how much we’ve unconsciously self-censored because of Big Tech’s insane censorship policies.

“When Republicans take back the House, we need to get our free speech back. Everyone in the conference better be on board or get out of the way!”

She also took a few swipes at Hollywood and congratulated Fox News star Greg Gutfeld for beating them at their game.

She said: “Greg Gutfeld is crushing them all in ratings. It’s not about late night.

“It’s about woke foolishness.

“None of them have any material other than mocking conservatives.

“Go woke. Go broke.”

From The Wall Street Journal:

Alex Berenson is back on Twitter after being banned for nearly a year over Covid-19 “misinformation.” Last week the former New York Times reporter settled his lawsuit against the social-media company, which admitted error and restored his account.

“The First Amendment does not apply to private companies like Twitter,” Mr. Berenson wrote last week on Substack. But because the Biden administration brought pressure to bear on Twitter, he believes he has a case that his constitutional rights were violated. He’s right.

In January 2021 we argued on these pages that tech companies should be treated as state actors under existing legal doctrines when they censor constitutionally protected speech in response to governmental threats and inducements.

The Biden administration appears to have taken our warning calls as a how-to guide for effectuating political censorship through the private sector. And it’s worse than we feared.

Facts that Mr. Berenson unearthed through the discovery process confirm that the administration has been secretly asking social-media companies to shut down the accounts of specific prominent critics of administration policy.

On July 16, 2021, a reporter asked President Biden: “On Covid misinformation, what’s your message to platforms like Facebook.” Mr. Biden replied: “They’re killing people.” (The president later said he meant users were killing people.) Later that day, Twitter locked Mr. Berenson’s account, and on Aug. 28 it banned him permanently.

Last Friday Mr. Berenson published conversations from an internal Twitter Slack channel. Referring to an April 2021 meeting with White House officials, one Twitter employee noted that the meeting overall was “pretty good,” but added that the White House “had one really tough question about why Alex Berenson hasn’t been kicked off from the platform.”

Another employee asked: “Any high level takeaways from the meeting? Anything we should keep an eye out for?”

The first employee responded: “Yes, they really wanted to know about Alex Berenson.” The employee wrote that Andy Slavitt, then a senior White House Covid adviser, “suggested they had seen data viz that had showed he was the epicenter of disinfo that radiated outwards to the persuadable public.” (“Viz” probably stands for “visualization” and “disinfo” for “disinformation.”)

Mr. Berenson wasn’t the only target. At a July 15, 2021, White House press briefing with Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, press secretary Jen Psaki said: “We’re flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation. . . . There’s about 12 people who are producing 65% of antivaccine misinformation on social media platforms.”

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