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DeSantis Waffle House Video Catches Fire – The Florida Governor Is Putting Biden to Shame

What’s Happening:

Remember when left-leaning Politico suggested Gov. DeSantis was prepared for Hurricane Ian?

Yeah, that was cute. The rockstar Republican has put critics to shame with his impressive response to the historic storm.

Not only has he mobilized workers, volunteers, and corporations–he is rolling up his sleeves and assisting responders.

He’s even putting Biden to shame, by making workers breakfast.

From Twitter:

.@WaffleHouse is one of the first restaurants in Charlotte County to reopen and provide hot meals as we work together to serve Floridians after #HurricaneIan.

Thank you for providing meals to the linemen working to restore power.

A video of him cooking for crews has gone viral.

Wow, this guy knows what he’s doing. Not only is he working overtime to help rebuild storm-impacted communities, but it looks like he’s won over critics.

From Newsmax:

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ ongoing fight against progressive culture’s creep into Sunshine State classrooms and his recent publicity stunts to spotlight the illegal immigration crisis under President Joe Biden have taken a back seat as DeSantis focused on preparing Floridians for Hurricane Ian and then helping those impacted by the devastating storm – a high-profile show of leadership that political analysts say will serve DeSantis well, both in the immediate and long terms.

The fast and competent response by DeSantis’s team is putting Joe Biden and liberal critics to shame.

Democrats tried to use the hurricane to slander DeSantis, hoping it would hurt him in the upcoming election.

Instead, DeSantis refused to make it about politics–instead focusing on mounting a monumental recovery effort.

Thanks to the Republican governor, they had 42,000 linemen restoring power, 1,800 emergency assistance personnel from over two dozen states, and even large corporations donating money and services.

Because of the governor’s efforts, over 63,000 hot meals were served to people at food banks across the state–just a day after the storm landed.

By October 1, they served over 100,000 hot meals.

No matter the metric you use, DeSantis’s response has been top-notch. His dedication to put his people first has put Biden to shame–who hasn’t done a thing as numerous crises hurt America.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ron DeSantis has silenced critics thanks to his outstanding hurricane response.
  • A video of him cooking for repair crews went viral online.
  • His diligent response flies in the face of liberals who claimed he would fail.

Source: Twitter, Twitter, Newsmax

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