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Biden Regime Threatens Middle Class And Poor- “PREPARE TO SUFFER”

Our DEMENTED president has intentionally brought America to it’s knees and has made simply surviving nearly an impossibility.

By pushing this green energy agenda while prematurely and abruptly putting an end to producing our own fuel MILLIONS of people may very well not make it through the winter.

He has completely handcuffed the oil industry.

He denies this of course. He’s a freaking PSYCOPATHIC LIAR!

He is senile, incompetent, corrupt and should be impeached and thrown in prison.

Anyways, as if things weren’t bad enough it’s only going to get worse this winter.




Gas supplies to several of the colder states in the northeast could shrink if the weather changes for the worse. With the world already facing a historic energy crisis, the United States won’t necessarily escape unscathed and could face blackouts this winter.

New England could face blackouts in the coming months as more global shipments of liquefied natural gas (LNG) are being directed to Europe, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday, citing power producers.

Germany is already grappling with an unprecedented natural gas shortage that is likely to cause some major problems for the majority of the population this winter.

According to the report as covered by RT, the surging LNG demand across the ocean amid dwindling gas flow from Russia puts the supplies needed to provide electricity to the US’ northeastern region – including Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island – in jeopardy.

These states have limited pipeline capacity and rely on LNG imports from abroad for more than a third of their gas supply during periods of peak demand, according to the Energy Information Administration.

They also cannot buy US-produced LNG due to the Jones Act, which bans the movement of ships between US ports.

The situation in the region is expected to be especially dire if there are prolonged cold spells, as gas volumes would be redirected from power generation to heating homes. According to ISO New England, the region’s power-grid operator, an extremely cold winter could result in the need for rolling blackouts to balance the supply and demand for electricity. Analysts warn that supply shortages may also drive power producers to purchase gas on the spot-market, which would result in larger bills. –RT

If you can afford to get an alternative form of heat set up, such as a wood-burning stove, now would be a great time to check that off your preparedness list. Many in Europe are scrambling to find an off-grid source of heat as the system has become increasingly unreliable.

Many households will need to turn to burning firewood in order to stay warm.

I predict that method will be outlawed because… climate change.

It’s already begun in parts of Commiefornia.

These people are ruthless bastards.




God Bless.

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