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Ilhan Omar Melts Down, Snaps At Heckler: “Unless you are someone like me that has been that child, you do not get to tell me what my votes mean”

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) had a mini meltdown after getting heckled by an anti-war protester furious over her support for U.S. assistance to Ukraine.

“You’re supposed to be a progressive Democrat. Anti-war,” said the heckler at a town hall last night. “Anti-war. 80 billion dollars to Ukraine is not anti-war.”

Omar tried to shout down the heckler at first and failed. “We are helping Ukraine defend themselves,” said Omar, who was interrupted by the heckler screaming, “Ukraine is killing its own citizens.”

Omar fired back: “We are helping little children like me that had been helped. Listen, unless you have not been paying attention to what is happening, there are millions of Ukrainians that have been displaced. There are piles of bodies that are being found in mass graves.

“There are little children whose lives are being lost.”

“But unless you are someone like me that has been that child, you do not get to tell me what my votes mean and how I get to vote in supporting people who desperately need.”

Later on Twitter, Omar ripped the hecklers:

“I am sorry, you all aren’t ‘anti-war protesters’; you are dangerous propagandists who are literally making a mockery of the anti-war movement.

“I have never had the pleasure of responding to [pro-Russia] ridiculous internet disinformation in person before.

“Thank you for the opportunity.

“I am amazed at the nerve that some people have not to be upset with the country literally waging war but at the country defending itself and those helping them do that.

“I was even told by one of these people tonight, it’s America that started the Russia war, seriously wtf.”

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