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Two years ago, China was being praised by the World Health Organization for its success in beating the coronavirus. But its insistence on adhering to a so-called Covid Zero policy is leaving it increasingly isolated as other countries that suffered far-worse outbreaks return to a semblance of pre-pandemic life insanity.

The insanity continues with China locking down over a million citizens, creating chaos and hardships that are unimaginable.

But sure enough it is happening and it’s not good and knowing that Biden is partially controlled by China under the threat of major blackmail intel involving him, hunter and his family involved in major scandals we have to pray that China’s tyrant ruler doesn’t influence Demented Biden to take similar measures here in America.

It’s a possibility Biden will do the same in America

Check this out from Mac Slavo at SHTFplan–

There is no change in China regarding the “zero COVID” policy. Because of this, over 1 million people have been locked down in Zhengzhou city as orders came in for people to stay home.

The iPhone manufacturing hub of Zhengzhou locked down one of its most-populated districts to tame a virus flareup, with creeping restrictions throughout China underscoring the constant threat of disruption companies face while the country sticks to tyrant XI Jinping’s Covid Zero strategy.


This new “surge” has infected 6 people so far.

In Shanghai, where 32 new cases were reported, some schools have suspended in-person classes. Entertainment venues such as cinemas and bars have temporarily shut down in at least five districts. Some neighborhoods are also under the stringent public health mandate. In certain areas, individual compounds have been barricaded with green fences.

Residents are not allowed to go out unless they need to undergo COVID-19 testing and non-essential businesses have been shut, according to a government notice, reported Bloomberg. 

President Xi Jinping hinted during the twice-a-decade Party Congress in Beijing on Sunday that there is no looming change in the country’s zero-COVID policy, saying that “strict rules protect people’s lives.”

Observers noted how Xi seemed to deliberately avoid mentioning how lockdowns affect the economy, especially since investors have been hoping that they loosen their public health mandates. The lockdowns have been “costly” to the stakeholders, disrupting the supply chain of industries such as cars, phones and even Christmas trees. –Natural News

Even the Chinese seem to be getting sick and tired of the tyranny. A 34-year-old female Beijing resident told Al Jazeera that authorities have asked her to wear an electronic monitoring wristband at all times as part of the regime’s fight against the pandemic. “I have never put it on,” she said. “I have accepted lockdowns, forced COVID-19 tests and health codes, but this thing feels like surveillance just for the sake of surveillance. I am afraid that the COVID-19 strategy is starting to be about controlling Chinese people instead of fighting COVID-19.”

This is insane.

Again, since O’Biden is controlled by China there are legitimate fears that these same measures could be implemented in America.

This money making scamdemic garbage is far from over.


God Bless.

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