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Democrats Push for Top White House Replacement – Leaders Want President Biden to “Dump Kamala Harris”

What’s Happening:

It’s no secret that Democrats are in big trouble. They may have staved off a “red wave” this year, but 2024 is just around the corner. And they have no real plan to ensure they will keep the White House.

Biden keeps saying he’s going to run for re-election. But the man will be well in his 80s by then and might not even be fit to do so. Who will this morally bankrupt party pick in his place? You might think his right-hand-man, err-woman, “Vice President” Kamala Harris.

But buzz is growing that Biden is about to dump this failed VP.

From Daily Wire:

For the last couple of weeks, Democrats have openly mused about [Kamala Harris’s] future, with some liberal news sites and party leaders saying she shouldn’t run in 2024…

If President Joe Biden runs again, he should dump Harris, some stories say. Others say that if he doesn’t run, the party should bail on her and pick someone else…

Just 28% of Democratic voters would vote for Harris in a Democratic presidential primary without Biden on the ballot, down from 33% in a poll last year…

“Harris, a proven dud of a presidential candidate who has done little to distinguish herself since is not a good choice for the Democrats’ top billing.”

Wow. Things are not looking for good “word salad” Kamala Harris. Biden is the big loser of this administration, make no mistake. But Democrats seem to think this aging zombie has a better chance at winning 2024 than anyone else (only God knows why).

But whether or not he runs or steps down, Democrats seem to be coming around to one thing: Harris needs to go.

More and more liberal websites are calling for Joe to dump Kamala. He might keep her around to finish out this terrible first term. But if he is going to run for re-election, they are urging him to find someone else.

Even far-left website Slate admitted that Harris has failed to “distinguish herself” in the post of vice president. Being vice president is one the of greatest jobs a person can achieve. Yet all she’s done is embarrass herself and the country before the world.

Biden is a burden in and of himself. He can’t be further weighed down by a loser like Kamala. But if the very likely scenario occurs that he won’t run, Harris surely won’t be his replacement.

It’s a lose-lose situation and an amazing turnaround by the left, who used to praise Kamala because of her gender and race.

But even they are getting tired of seeing this woman drag their party down.

Key Takeaways:

  • More and more liberals are calling for Joe Biden to dump Kamala.
  • Democrats fear Kamala will drag Joe down in re-election.
  • If Joe doesn’t run in 2024, Democrats do not want Kamala to take his place.

Source: Daily Wire

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