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Unsealed Jeffrey Epstein Court Docs Reveal Disturbing New Details

Unsealed Court Docs Reveal New Accusations Against Epstein, Maxwell

A collection of documents ordered to be released by a federal judge earlier this week contains shocking allegations and reveals stunning new details about the late sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and his girlfriend and convicted “fixer” Ghislaine Maxwell.

“Public sex on a plane. A stable of young women ‘on rotation.’ And allegations of a coerced menage a trois with a famed attorney — along with lurid questions about his genitalia,” the Daily Beast reported, citing information from the documents.

These are just a few of the new revelations included in a tranche of court filings unsealed by a federal judge on Monday night as part of an ongoing release of documents related to a defamation suit filed by Virginia Giuffre against Ghislaine Maxwell, the former girlfriend and accomplice to the late multimillionaire sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein,” the report said.

It added, “In a 2017 deposition, Sarah Ransome, a young South African expat victimized by Epstein, claimed that Epstein coerced her into a threesome with Harvard law professor and future Donald Trump surrogate Alan Dershowitz at Epstein’s mansion in New York. The name of the other alleged female participant was redacted in court records. Ransome, who was 22 when she met Epstein, testified that the woman ‘started undressing me in the room.’”

Ransome further testified that they got into a bed next, and “I kind of knew what was going on after that.” She also provided some disturbing details of abuse, before adding, “I just tried to just get it done as soon as possible to get out of there,” and noting what she had gone through was a “traumatic experience.”

Reporters allegedly contacted Dershowitz, who claimed to have never met Ransome, and said that he had not had sex with any other woman than his wife since his second wedding in 1986. Dershowitz steadfastly denied the allegations in general.

Ransome went on to say that Epstein had no issues having sex in front of other people, with any woman in his circle. One unsealed transcript contained details about an incident in which she allegedly saw Epstein having sex with a woman on a bed in the open at the rear of his plane. That woman’s name was redacted from the documents.

Epstein “was in his bed on the plane, having open sex with [Redacted] for everyone to see, on display… [Redacted] was straddling Jeffrey for quite some time. I watched them both ejaculate with each other. They were having quite a good time together,” she said.

In her deposition, Ransome also testified that “weight was a massive issue for Ghislaine and Jeffrey” and that Maxwell “bullied me massively about my weight.”

She also said that Epstein “refused to pay for my flight back [from a visit to South Africa] if I didn’t get down to 52 kilograms … I carried on losing weight to try and get to the goal that Jeffrey and Ghislaine had set for me, which is 52 kilograms … I was told to be 52 kilograms, which is not—it can’t be achieved with my body frame.” She remained on a diet for a month before she became too sick and weak to continue it.

Ransome testified that Maxwell, who was convicted in 2021 for her role in running Epstein’s sex trafficking ring, kept a collection of young women “on rotation for the purpose of giving Epstein sexual massages each day.”

“Maxwell and Epstein used promises to assist Ms. Ransome in getting into FIT and paying for her in return for being Epstein’s sex slave,” the filing by her attorney says. “There was a constant influx of girls. There were so many girls. There were girls in Miami. There were guests coming.”

“There were—It’s like, I’m sure if you go into a hooker’s brothel and see how they run their business, I mean, it’s just general conversation about who’s going to have sex with who and you know—what do you talk about when all [you do] is have sex every day on rotation? I mean, what is there to talk about?” she added.

Former President Bill Clinton has been the subject of many accusations that he had connections to Maxwell and Epstein. Giuffre claimed she saw Clinton visiting Epstein’s private Caribbean island, despite his claims to the contrary.

Epstein’s former pilot, Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr. made similar allegations during Maxwell’s 2021 trial, claiming that he flew Clinton on Epstein’s plane.

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