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Joy Behar Urges Joe Biden To Come Clean And Apologize: “He should have said, ‘look, I know I look hypocritical in that tape,’ yeah, I’m sorry about that’”

The View co-hosts talked about President Joe Biden’s growing classified document scandal when Joy Behar chimed in to urge Joe to come clean and apologize.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg said Biden is cooperating with the special counsel and asked the panel “should this be enough to satisfy people? Or does Biden need to do more?” Behar said: “So I think that Biden should speak more.”

Whoopi said: “Well, you know, he has said two or three times, ‘I’m telling you, I’m not sure what these are, but everybody is looking into the work is being done.’ And the false equality that’s being put out is that he’s done something wrong.

“Well, I said, don’t we have to? Don’t we have to know what it is?”

Joy said: “Yeah, but there also has been I mean, I love Joe Biden and I don’t understand this because I know there’s a difference between what he did and what Trump did.

“A lot of people don’t and will not ever know it because the way it’s covered.

“But it would have been helpful for Joe Biden when it first came out to say, you know, we have tape of Joe Biden saying that Trump did something stupid and shouldn’t have done it and it was bad.

“Well, he should have said, ‘look, I know I look hypocritical in that tape. Yeah, I’m sorry about that.’

“I didn’t know about this.

“And now that I know it, I will do what I can to uncover this.

“I mean, he should be speaking to the American people, or else just act like a Republican and say it’s a witch hunt.

“Well, and let’s fire Merrick Garland.

Sunny Hostin said:

“We know he won’t do that.

“And he did call Trump careless with these documents.

“And I think it would go a long way for him to also say, and I was careless.

“And so we need to not only review these documents, we need to review the processes.”

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