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Military Vets Just Dragged President Biden into Court – They Just Moved to Stop Joe’s New 2nd Amendment Restriction

What’s Happening:

Don’t be fooled. Just because Joe Biden’s head is full of marbles doesn’t mean he can’t run over your rights. He has packed his administration with some of the worst leftists to fall out of Berkeley. And these would-be socialists are trying everything they can to clamp down on your constitutional liberties.

To point, Biden’s ATF just cooked up a rule that will put millions of Americans on a federal database. This arbitrary rule will turn law-abiding citizens into criminals overnight, if they don’t comply. And it has everything to do with discouraging you from exercising your Second Amendment rights. So a group of military vets is taking old Joe to task.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

A group of military veterans is suing the Biden administration over a new gun rule that they say dramatically expands the definition of “rifle” to include certain pistols, putting millions of gun-owning Americans at risk of criminal liability, according to a complaint filed in federal court on Tuesday morning…

The suit asked the court to block the new regulation, arguing that the ATF rule is “arbitrary, capricious,” and “invalid.”

This is pretty outrageous. Biden’s ATF created a new rule that requires pistol owners to register their guns as “short-barrel” rifles. The reason? The agency decided to redefine any handgun as a rifle, if it has a “stabilizing brace.”

These braces are common attachments to guns that make them safer and easier to use. They are especially helpful for military vets who were injured in the line of duty. But this new rule will force gun owners to pay taxes and regulations they hadn’t before.

On top of that, their names will be added to a federal database. The use of this database, of course, is questionable at best.

A group of vets has sued Biden over this new rule. They accuse the ATF of passing an arbitrary and invalid rule. In fact, the ATF has long held that these braces do not turn pistols into rifles. That has been the agency’s stance for years. But now suddenly, under Joe Biden, the agency is contradicting itself. All to force law-abiding Americans to register with the government.

This kind of nonsense is never going to end, as long as Democrats are in power. They hate it that Americans can own firearms and protect themselves. Wherever Democrats have power, gun rights vanish and crime erupts. It’s almost as if they want it that way.

Hopefully, the courts will send this rule packing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden’s ATF passed a new rule forcing handgun owners with stabilizing braces to register them as rifles.
  • The new rule contradicts ATF’s own policies and statements for years.
  • Biden has made it his agenda to stamp out Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

Source: The Washington Free Beacon

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