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Biden Energy Secretary’s Exposed in Gas Stove Plan – She Met Privately with Green Company with Major Ties to the Chinese

What’s Happening:

Remember, not that long ago, when the Biden administration suddenly went to war with your gas stove? Joe’s energy secretary, Jennifer Granholm, lead the idiotic charge. She even supported a study that claimed gas stoves were dangerous tweeting, “We can and must FIX this.”

Pretty strong words. Sounds like Granholm (who is largely responsible for the gas price crisis) really wants to force Americans to buy inefficient, poor-performing electric stoves. But why was she so eager to suddenly attack stoves Americans have been using for decades?

Turns out she secretly met with a radical activist group that pushed the idea. And guess who they are working with?

From Fox News:

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm met privately with the leader of the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), the group that funded a recent study used to justify calls for a gas stove ban.

Granholm met with Jules Kortenhorst — the CEO of RMI at the time… Kortenhorst is widely known global climate activist who also founded the Energy Transitions Commission and chairs the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Net Zero Transition…

RMI has collaborated with the Chinese government to study transitioning away from traditional fossil fuels and the group’s only office outside the U.S. is located in Beijing, China’s capital city. RMI is a member of the China Clean Transportation Partnership, a green group with significant ties to the Chinese government.

You turn over a radical environmentalist, you find a puppet of the Chinese government. Funny how that works, huh? The people calling to end America’s fossil fuel industry the loudest all has close ties to either the World Economic Forum or communist China.

In this case, both! The head of this “Rocky Mountain Institute” worked for the WEF. And this group is partners with communist China. Hell, their only foreign office is in Beijing, the capital of China.

Now, why would a group pushing to ban gas stoves in America work so closely with communist China? And why would Biden’s energy secretary meet with this group–and try to keep it under wraps? When word came out that Granholm met with this fishy group, her department scrambled to cover it up.

The DOE spokesperson issued a strong response that the meeting was just about building support for Biden’s infrastructure bill. Yet the details of the meeting have not been released, nor has the DOE revealed who Granholm actually met with besides Kortenhorst.

I find it to be an odd coincidence that Granholm met with this radical group and soon after, parroted the bogus claims that gas stoves are harmful. All to support Biden’s attempts at banning gas and oil in America.

Now, why would China care about that? Because they know that if America (like Europe) stops using fossil fuels, we’re screwed. The more dependent we get on electric technology, like EVs and electric stoves, the more electricity we have to generate. How are we going to generate all that power with wind and solar?

Meanwhile, Biden keeps selling our oil to China. See the connection? China wants to hamstring America’s prosperity, so it can dominate the world economy.

And Biden, Granholm, and the rest of the administration is helping them! Impeachment, anyone?

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden’s energy secretary met with an activist group that pushed for banning gas stoves.
  • This group, RMI, has strong ties to China–with their only foreign office in Beijing.
  • Biden and his cohorts have hurt American energy, to benefit communist China.

Source: Fox News

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