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After Clarence Thomas Gets a Beautiful Honor – Black Democrat Lawmaker Slanders Him, Calls Him “Uncle Tom”

What’s Happening:

Clarence Thomas is one of the most respected and accomplished men in the United States. As a black Supreme Court justice, you’d think everyone in the country would admire him. He’s done what few people, let alone black people, ever could: rise to serve on the highest court in the land. And so, the state of Georgia voted to immortalize him.

From The Epoch Times:

Georgia’s state Senate passed legislation on Feb. 14 to erect a statue honoring U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas at the state capitol in Atlanta…

Now 74, Thomas was born June 23, 1948, in Pin Point, Georgia. He was nominated by then-President George H.W. Bush and narrowly confirmed by the U.S. Senate in October 1991.

I can’t think of another man more worthy of such a high honor. Our nation has long celebrated great leaders by building statues of them. As the radical left tears down statues of Lincoln and Washington, they’ll have a hard time complaining about a statue of a black American, right?

Wrong. Because even as Georgia voted to honor this great man, a Democrat showed his true colors.

From Fox News:

Social media users were outraged Wednesday after a Georgia state senator smeared Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as an “Uncle Tom.” […]

Sen. Emanuel Jones, D-Ga., slammed the justice, the second Black citizen to serve on the Supreme Court, as a traitor to his racial group.

Unbelievable. To this state senator–and many other black liberals–a black person has to support the Democratic Party… or else. Because Clarence Thomas is a principled, intelligent, accomplished conservative, Democrats have no problem using a racial slur that would get anyone else canceled.

This Democrat accused Thomas, who has long fought for Civil Rights and traditional American values, of “betraying his own community.” Really? Because he doesn’t blindly obey the Democratic Party?

I guess, to some people, a black American isn’t really “black” unless he does whatever Democrats tell him to do. Not very free, is that? Joe Biden made that suggestion back in 2020. And this ugly, racist attitude continues to this day.

Something is very wrong with a party that tells black people they can’t think for themselves. If a Republican called a black Democrat “Uncle Tom,” his career would be over. But this Democrat thinks he can insult someone as important to our country as Clarence Thomas and get away with it?

That tells you everything you need to know about the state of that party.

Key Takeaways:

  • Georgia voted to honor Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas with a statue.
  • GA state Sen. Emanuel Jones insulted Thomas, calling him an “Uncle Tom.”
  • Democrats have long slandered Thomas for being a black conservative.

Source: Fox News, The Epoch Times

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