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Days After Gavin Newsom Insults Florida – Ron DeSantis Flies to His Backyard and Teaches Him a Lesson

What’s Happening:

For quite some time, California Gov. Gavin Newsom has been picking fights with Republican-lead states. He has based conservative governors, going as far as to put up billboards in their own states. The super-liberal governor has made wild accusations against states like Texas and Florida, even suggesting residents have “no rights” thanks to pro-life laws.

He has spent a particularly large amount of time attacking Florida and its governor, Ron DeSantis. Well, it seems like the celebrated Republican governor–who just won re-election–has had enough. Fighting fire with fire, he decided to take the battle straight to Newsom’s own backyard. But he wasn’t putting up billboards. He went there himself!

From Daily Wire:

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis slammed California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom on Sunday while visiting the state for his speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley…

“From the beginning of this state’s history, all the way until the last four or five years, people beat a path to California. You didn’t beat a path away from California. And yet now, you see the state hemorrhaging population.”

Ron DeSantis was at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library to discuss his new book. The Florid governor has been traveling across the country, promoting his memoir while also discussing critical issues like law enforcement.

While in California, he took the time to hit back at Gov. Newsom, who has slandered Florida for years now. DeSantis pointed out that, while Florida’s population has been booming, California has lost thousands of residents. The California exodus has been so bad, the state actually lost a seat in the House.

DeSantis pointed out that Florida was the first state to come out of lockdown. Meanwhile, California extended its lockdown and other restrictions for years. While California’s domestic tourism shrank from 2019 to 2021, Florida broke records.

Newsom claims Florida residents’ freedoms are being restricted. Yet Florida defends its residents’ First and Second Amendment rights. Meanwhile, California has some of the highest taxes, costs of living, and crime rates in the country.

Where would you rather live?

Many are suggesting DeSantis went to California for other reasons. There are over 5 million registered Republicans in the state, some who have deep pockets. Could this trip also be DeSantis’s attempt at building support for a 2024 run?

It wouldn’t surprise me.

Key Takeaways:

  • DeSantis criticized Gov. Newsom during a trip to California.
  • The Republican slammed California’s exodus, as thousands flee the state.
  • The trip could be seen as a start to DeSantis’s 2024 bid.

Source: Daily Wire

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