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Trump Turns the Tables on Former President – Donald’s Lawyers Are Demanding the NARA Records

What’s Happening:

Democrats seem to have endless schemes aimed at former president Trump. First, it was Russia. Then, it was Stormy Daniels. Then, it was a phone call about Biden. Then, it was J6. Then, it was “stolen” documents. Now, we’re back to the Daniels thing, as NY prosecutors appear ready to indict the man.

All of this appears to be pathetic attempts at preventing Trump from winning the 2024 Election. One of the most infamous attacks against the president was when the National Archives sicced the FBI on him. Over 30 armed agents raided Trump’s most in an unprecedented attack. Now, Trump’s team is taking steps to expose this politicized agency.

From Fox News:

Former President Trump’s legal team is demanding the National Archives and Records Administration turn over documents that they say will expose the “highly politicized” agency for attempting to criminalize a civil dispute over classified materials in an “unconstitutional and unprecedented weaponization of the Presidential Records Act.” […]

“What we expect to find are highly-politicized bureaucrats who worked in tandem with DOJ and politicians to criminalize a dispute that never has had criminal implications,” Trusty said.

Yikes. Trump’s legal team is going after the National Archives for how they instigated an FBI raid on his home. They are seeking documents from past presidents, over how the agency handled classified documents.

We know that every president takes records with them, when they leave office. The National Archives works with these former presidents, to acquire classified and other records. Never has the National Archives accused a president of committing a crime, even after the agency complained about how Obama took 33 million pages with him.

Yet, when it came to Trump, the National Archives pushed the DOJ to turn it into a criminal case. We know that Trump had been communicating with the NARA for months. His team even handed over documents. Yet, the National Archives still used the situation in an apparently politically-motivated move.

Trump’s lawyers are accusing NARA of being run by “highly-politicized bureaucrats” who worked with Biden’s DOJ to launch this criminal case against him. Which suggests that NARA is being run by Democrats, who used their power within the agency to move against Trump.

If true, this entire agency could be in trouble. Is there a single agency left that has not been politicized by Democrats? Every agency, from the IRS to the DOJ, has been corrupted by Democrats seeking to establish a dictatorship over the United States.

Well, Trump is no longer standing for it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trump’s legal team accused the National Archives of a politically-motivated attack.
  • They requested documents on how the agency worked with other presidents.
  • Trump’s team believes “highly-politicized bureaucrats” within NARA worked with Democrats to attack the Trump family.

Source: Fox News

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