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Candace Owens Wins a Big-Time Battle – Newspaper Admits They Told a “Hideous Lie” About Her

Conservative host Candace Owens never backs down from a fight. That’s especially true when she battles the mainstream media for printing misleading or allegedly false headlines about her.

Newsweek recently ran a headline that infuriated Owens because she said it was a drastic overstatement; it involved the recent school shooting tragedy in Nashville, Tennessee.

Now, though, the publication has been forced to issue a retraction — and Owens is celebrating.

Not long after the shooting occurred, Owens and other journalists weighed in. Then Newsweek ran the headline: “Candace Owens says Transgender Surgery Made Nashville Shooter Into a Monster.”

Owens quickly fought back against the smear, and the magazine has since backed down:


Newsweek was reporting on a quote tweet Owens posted, which showed transgender activists attacking conservative YouTube personality Alex Stein.

The tweet didn’t mention the Nashville shooter at all; Owens merely repeated a quote from filmmaker Mike Cernovich:

When you play Frankenstein with people’s body’s parts, you can’t be surprised when they behave like monsters.

A person willing to execute violence upon his/her own body will not hesitate to impart violence onto someone else’s.

Owens also went after the author of the headline and article, Shannon Power, for being a dangerous trans activist. “No one knows if the shooter had surgery,” she said, and “you are a lying piece of filth.

Owens then threatened legal action:

The American public is demanding more answers and Owens is one of many who are wondering if the shooter had started taking “transition drugs,” which would mean Big Pharma is back in the spotlight.

In a separate tweet, Owens said that “no one talks about big pharma’s contribution to shootings,” and added that most of the people who commit these violent acts “are on antidepressants, hormones, anti-psychotics, etc.”

There are a lot of tough questions that we’ll have to ask in the coming weeks and months, and Owens is just one of many who are asking those questions.

But when major news outlets intentionally twist the truth and even flat-out lie to the public, then we’ve got another serious problem on our hands.

Key Takeaways:

  • Newsweek ran a false headline saying Candace Owens said “transgender surgery made Nashville shooter into a monster.”
  • Owens never said that and she quickly retaliated, pointing out the lie and threatening legal action.
  • The publication has since retracted the headline.

Source: The Daily Wire

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