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New Chicago Mayor Makes Disastrous Move – He Somehow Makes Worse Policy Decisions Than Lightfoot

What’s Happening:

The voters of Chicago did something smart, they sent Lori Lightfoot packing. The incumbent mayor only got a fraction of the vote. The race came down to two Democrats: one a pro-cop union rep and the other, another radical progressive.

Sadly, the city went for another progressive. The mayor-elect recently discussed what he thought the city’s real problem was. No, it’s not radical Democrats defunding police and putting criminals back on the streets. It’s businesses not paying their taxes!

From The Post Millennial:

According to the Daily Mail, Johnson said, “70 percent of large corporations in the state of Illinois don’t pay a corporate tax. It’s that type of restraint on our budget that has caused the type if disinvestment that has led to poverty, of course that has led to violence.”

Uh… what? Isn’t it the job of the government to make sure businesses are paying taxes? In reality, these businesses are paying their taxes, just not as much as Johnson wants. I’m sure his administration will find ways to punish these companies will more taxes, ensuring they leave the state–taking jobs with them.

But what is Johnson going to do with all this new tax revenue? Put more cops on the street, right? Think again. Because this Democrat intends to do makes Lightfoot look like a Republican.

From The Post Millennial:

Johnson suggested that the number of cops was fine as is, and that the city should invest in other first responders such as therapists, emergency medical technicians, and social workers…

“First responders, social workers, counsellors, EMTs,” Johnson said. “These individuals would show up to calls that require those types of interventions.” He pointed out that in Chicago, 40 percent of all 911 calls were mental health crises.

Wow. Despite skyrocketing violent crime, Johnson has no intentions of hiring more cops. Instead, he wants to send social workers and counselors to 911 calls. Yikes. Johnson claimed (without citing evidence) that 40% of 911 calls are “mental health crises.”

Oh, so I guess we should send psychologists to deal with abusive husbands and active shooters? What is this man thinking? Is he trying to destroy Chicago? The only way to crack down on crime is by putting cops on the streets and convicting suspects.

But Democrats refuse to do those basic things, even to keep their own voters safe. Don’t be surprised to learn Chicago gets much worse under this clown.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chicago’s mayor-elect accused rising crime on businesses not paying taxes.
  • Johnson does not intend to hire more cops, even as crime skyrockets.
  • The Democrat intends to send social workers to 911 calls.

Source: The Post Millennial

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