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Trump Makes Massive Day 1 Promise – This Is a Game-Changer for America’s Worst Crisis

What’s Happening: With the 2024 Election around the corner, Trump has been making his case to the American people. But he’ll first need to win over enough Republican voters to secure the nomination. He surprised the country in 2016 by winning the nod. Can he do it again? Trump has called out Biden’s many shocking … Read more

BLM Boss Nailed with More Devastating News – She Just Suffered a Well-Deserved Loss

What’s Happening: Anyone who is not a D.C. Democrat has long been suspicious of Black Lives Matter. The founders of this activist group have gotten rich over the years, even as their only contribution to America has been deadly riots. Recently, the official organization has been in hot water on the news that it is … Read more

DeSantis Fires Off Memorial Day Warning – Here’s the Nation-Shaking Truth Everyone Needs to Hear

What’s Happening: Many Americans respect Gov. Ron DeSantis for what he did in Florida. The uncompromising Republican transformed a swing state into a solid red state. Now that he is running for president, his supporters hope he’ll do the same for the entire country. This Memorial Day, the 2024 candidate shared some thoughts from his … Read more

Hunter’s ‘Sugar Brother’ Finally Exposed – But the Mainstream Media Is Silent on This Scandal

What’s Happening: Democrats stick together. We know that much is true. Even when one of them is mired in endless scandals, you can count on other Democrats moving heaven and earth to protect them. That is why men like Bob Menendez can be indicted for crimes, but remain in the Senate. Or how a man … Read more

“Fed up with the lies”: GOP Rep Publicly Calls For Removing Kevin McCarthy As Speaker: “Nobody in the Republican Conference could have done a worse job”

Rep. Dan Bishop (R-N.C.) became the first Republican to publicly support dumping Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) over the debt ceiling deal he made with President Joe Biden. At a House Freedom Caucus press conference on Tuesday, Bishop said he would support a motion to oust McCarthy over the bill. Many conservatives have said they would … Read more


On Memorial Day, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shared, “Remembering today the millions of Americans who’ve served our country in the military across generations, as well as their families—and especially those who lost their lives defending our freedom.” Juanita Broaddrick, who previously accused Bill Clinton of raping her, responded to Clinton’s tweet reminding her, “You lost … Read more

Colorado College Graduates Tell Liz Cheney To Pound Sand, Turn Their Backs And Boo Loudly During Speech

Former GOP Rep Liz Cheney got a rude welcome from some of the graduates at Colorado College where she gave the commencement address on Sunday. Some graduates booed loudly during her speech while others turned their chairs away from Cheney in disgust. Some wrote messages to the ‘warmonger’ on their caps. One cap said, “Why listen … Read more

First Lady Suffers Epic Embarrassment on Live TV – And America Won’t Let Jill Forget It

Many people would agree that right now, President Joe Biden is the king of public gaffes. Fumbling for names and numbers, delivering oddly worded statements, and general confusion abound. First Lady Jill Biden isn’t as prone to such issues, but every now and then she falls on her face, too. And it happened just this … Read more

Supreme Court Drops 9-0 Ruling on Biden – White House Floored by Unanimous Decision

What’s Happening: To be sure, the Biden administration is making radical moves when we aren’t looking. Nearly every branch of the federal government is rushing ahead to put into place his socialist agenda. And that goes beyond simply taxing us into oblivion and spending billions on welfare programs. Democrats also want to decide how you … Read more

Watch: Ron DeSantis Steals Trump’s Most Famous Line, Flubs It

Watch: Ron DeSantis Steals Trump’s Most Famous Line, Flubs It Florida Governor Ron DeSantis officially announced his attempt to win the GOP primary and immediately went after front runner former president Donald Trump. DeSantis had been tiptoeing around Trump but no more. (See Video Below) Ron said: “I don’t know what happened to Donald Trump, … Read more