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Kevin McCarthy Puts the Fear of God into Biden – He Just Went Over Joe’s Head, Straight to the FBI

What’s Happening:

For months now, House Republicans have been conducting investigations into Joe Biden and his family. Many are calling them the “Biden Crime Family” because of alarming information coming out of D.C. It seems the Biden family has received millions from numerous foreign countries.

A whistleblower told Republicans that the FBI has a document alleging these nations were paying off the Bidens for influence within the White House. The House has issued a subpoena for this document. The FBI has refused to cooperate. Now, House Speaker McCarthy is done playing nice.

From Fox News:

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said on “Fox & Friends” Thursday that the FBI’s non-compliance with a congressional subpoena is “unacceptable” and would be a “severe problem” if the bureau does not comply. The California Republican told host Pete Hegseth that he would be calling FBI Director Christopher Wray to ask why the FBI did not turn over a document that a whistleblower alleged contains proof of a criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Joe Biden

Uh-oh. Kevin McCarthy has vowed to confront the head of the FBI himself over why the agency hasn’t complied with this subpoena. The House has the power to subpoena anybody. If someone refuses, they can be taken to court.

Yet the FBI, a government agency that has long cooperated with Congress, refuses to hand over this document. If it turns out this document proves Biden and his family weren’t engaged in a bribery scheme, why refuse to hand it over?

It seems the only reason the FBI refuses to cooperate, is because it is trying to protect the Bidens. We know that top officials within the FBI and other agencies have exploited their power to help Joe Biden and other Democrats win elections.

Could it be they are now refusing to release this document for the same reasons? We don’t know what Wray will say to Speaker McCarthy.

But if he continues to stonewall the House, they can take this matter to court. Who knows? It might reach all the way to the Supreme Court.

Key Takeaways:

  • Speaker McCarthy will confront FBI Director Wray over a Biden document.
  • The FBI refuses to hand over to the House a document that could prove Biden broke the law.
  • Previously, FBI officials abused their power to help Joe Biden win the 2020 election.

Source: Fox News

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