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Biden Interview Spins Out of Control – Staffer Forced to Jump in After Joe Breaks Down on Camera

What’s Happening:

Anyone with a brain knows that Joe Biden is not well. Since before the 2020 Election, we have seen signs of his cognitive decline. Only Democrats, desperate to hold onto the White House, refuse to admit that Biden is not fit for leadership.

And with each passing day, the evidence is mounting up.

There is a reason his handlers limit access to old Joe. The White House does not want you to see just how bad Biden is getting. Recently, he was interviewed about his upcoming re-election campaign. Everything was under control… that is, until Biden crumbled.

From The Western Journal:

About 12 minutes into the 13-minute interview, Ruhle asked the president about restoring the “soul of America,” but Biden seemed to not fully understand or pay attention to the question, instead briefly playing with a throat lozenge in his hand.

At this point, a White House staffer interjected and tried to halt the interview, maybe noticing that Biden appeared to be struggling to remain alert, but Biden quickly shooed him away and continued with the interview.


Yikes, this is bad. The interviewer asks Biden a softball question about the “soul” of America. Biden is not even paying attention, fiddling with what appears to be a cough drop. We hear an aide talking over the reporter, perhaps to end the interview.

Most likely, Biden has an earpiece that is guiding his answers. Joe tries to answer this question but fails miserably. He struggles to mention Trump’s name and flails in talking about his presidency.

All in all, it was one of the worst performances we’ve seen from Biden. The man is almost a vegetable. He comes off as a nursing home patient in a suit. Anyone that thinks this man is really in charge is fooling themselves.

He is simply a puppet for the radical left. Democrats are ignoring all the signs that Joe Biden should be in a home, not the White House.

But can Americans really sit back and vote for this man again? And can Congress keep pretending like this is normal, and not invoke the 25th Amendment?

Too much is at stake to let this man stay in office.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden collapsed while trying to answer a question during an interview.
  • He could barely get out his answer and appeared disinterested.
  • This comes after thousands of previous examples of his cognitive decline.

Source: The Western Journal, Twitter

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