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Days After White House Makes Border Claim – Senator Sinema Sets the Record Straight

What’s Happening:

The Joe Biden White House has been on damage control… well, since the start of this administration! But as we are nearing the 2024 Election, Joe’s cronies are scrambling to either erase his failures or whitewash them. His biggest failure, by far, has been his deliberate neglect of the border.

Joe has let in over 3 million illegal aliens since 2021. Yet his administration pretends like they have everything under control. Well, anyone that can look knows this is not true. Especially those who live near the border. One former Democrat is taking Joe to task on his claims. And she is exposing Biden’s epic failure.

From Breitbart:

Sinema stated, “So, obviously, the border is not secure. Anyone with eyes can see that… And anyone who lives in a border state like I do, born and raised in Arizona, actually takes offense at comments like that, because they’re just factually not true…

“Bret, there are high-speed chases going on through the city of Sierra Vista right now with young teens driving cars and sometimes being killed or causing the death of others, transporting drugs and other migrants through these communities. It is not secure. It is not safe.”

Dang. Former Democrat, now independent, Sen. Sinema blasted the Biden administration for claiming that the border is secure and safe. Biden’s lackey DHS head Mayorkas had the gall to claim that it was. He is the very person working for Joe that has made the border a war zone.

Sinema explained that anyone with “eyes” can see that the border is wide open. If you’ve been with us for the last few years, you’ll have read numerous stories showing the endless waves of illegals entering since Joe became “president.”

Sinema added that folks in Arizona know the border isn’t safe. She has to look after millions of Arizona residents, who live in fear thanks to Biden’s open border. She said that border towns are overrun with criminal aliens, who race through the streets to avoid police.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of the crisis. Drug cartels are calling the shots along the border. Border Patrol and DHS are essentially the welcome wagon for millions of outsiders. Biden’s reckless abuse of the law is turning our country into a war zone.

Unless more senators wake up and join Sinema, we are doomed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Independent Sen. Sinema blasted Biden’s claim that the border is secure.
  • She said anyone with eyes can see the border is wide open.
  • Since Biden entered office, he’s let in over 3 million illegal aliens.

Source: Breitbart

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