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President Biden Suffers Sudden 2024 Blow – Democrats Weren’t Expecting Plunging Poll, Surge from Trump

What’s Happening:

Joe Biden recently made his 2024 re-election plans official. Despite having the worst approval numbers of any president in 70 years, despite failing to defend our borders, despite wrecking our economy, Joe Biden wants to be re-elected as president.

And the liberal media is helping him sweep his failures under the carpet.

Democrats are pretty cocky, these days. They are certain their indictment of Donald Trump will secure Biden’s re-election. The left assumes that Trump will be nominated and lose again to old Joe. But a new report has come out that has left Democrats breathless. All their scheme has led to this.

From The Post Millennial:

A poll conducted on May 3rd shows former President Donald Trump with a seven point lead over Joe Biden. The ABC/Washington Post poll had Trump at 49 percent and Biden sitting at 42 percent.

When asked who did a better job handling the economy as president, 53 percent said Trump and 36 percent said Biden.

Game over, man! Nobody on the left was expecting an ABC poll to show Biden losing to Trump by 7 points. That is well outside the margin of error, meaning that–if this poll holds true–Trump will easily defeat Biden in a 2024 rematch.

Democrats in the media are terrified about this. They can’t spin it to make Biden look good.

From Fox News

“This poll is just brutal for President Biden!” Stephanopoulos said on “This Week,” referencing the findings of a new survey released Sunday by ABC News and the Washington Post.

This isn’t just Americans upset over Biden, as some are trying to spin it. This poll shows us that voters prefer Trump over Biden. Voters seem to believe that Trump is a better choice, given his track record on the economy when compared to Joe’s

We have to assume this trend might continue as we move through the 2024 election. Biden is only going to get worse. He raised taxes, continues to shut down our fossil fuels, and keeps sending billions to Ukraine. All Trump has to do is point to his pre-COVID successes to crush him.

This poll might be a harbinger of what’s to come. As the election heats up, Biden will struggle to run a campaign. He does not appear fit to handle all the events and rallies required to run for president. Plus, how is he going to both be president and run a campaign? He can’t even get out of bed!

Key Takeaways:

  • A new ABC/Post poll has Donald Trump beating Biden by 7 points.
  • Voters said Trump was better on the economy 53-36.
  • The poll results are outside the margin of error, meaning Trump is winning by a large amount.

Source: The Post Millennial, Fox News

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