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Biden Move Just Threatened Major Extinction – Joe’s About to Eliminate Another Top Energy Source

What’s Happening:

Since Joe Biden entered office, he has gone out of his way to shut down reliable sources of energy for Americans. Biden has crippled our fossil fuel industry, greatly limiting leases for drilling on federal land. That has forced us to buy oil from foreign nations, driving up the price of energy.

Oh, but Joe’s not done hamstringing our economy!

Just as the summer months come upon us, Democrats are finding new ways to destroy cheap, reliable sources of electricity. In many states, there is a consistent, safe source of energy available to all. But now, it is on the brink of extinction. And Joe’s doing nothing about it.

From Fox News:

The nation’s top hydropower trade group and energy developers are raising the alarm on the burdensome regulatory process facing new and existing projects, warning a reliable source of electricity for millions is at risk…

“What that means for the grid is a whole lot more instability just as we’re adding variable wind and solar to the grid,” he continued.

The red tape and endless rules of the federal government are making it harder for hydropower to be developed and maintained. Millions of Americans rely on this energy source. It is clean and is much more consistent than wind and solar (and lacks the many pitfalls of these “green” sources).

Yet Biden and the government are doing nothing to encourage the production of more hydropower. The industry fears that many asset owners are going to just shut down production, leading to another massive drop in available energy for Americans.

Which means higher power bills for millions of homes.

Joe Biden has pushed to get more wind and solar power in America. This has sent billions of our dollars to China, which makes most of that technology. Wind is unreliable and solar panels require rare materials that are mined by children in Africa. Biden refuses to acknowledge any of this, giving rise to the fear he’s just doing China’s bidding.

Hydropower has been used across the country for generations. But current projects need to be maintained and new ones need approval. Biden’s crooked federal government delays approval of these projects, in some cases for years.

Why? When Trump was president, he cut through endless mountains of red tape to help Americans. But Joe can’t be bothered.

I guess he really does prefer China over the U.S.

Key Takeaways:

  • The hydropower groups are warning government delays could shut down the industry.
  • This comes as energy prices skyrocket thanks to Biden’s war on fossil fuels.
  • Biden has backed wind and solar power, which has benefitted communist China.

Source: Fox News

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