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Supreme Court Greenlights Major Ban – And Americans Everywhere Are Furious

What’s Happening:

Blue states continue to slide into unconstitutional territory. We know most of them have defunded their police forces, ended cash bail, welcomed illegal immigrants, and legalized drugs. But that is only the beginning. In the blue state of Illinois, their radical governor issued a ban on “assault weapons” and large-capacity magazines.

This law turns law-abiding citizens into criminals, for just wanted to purchase a rifle. And it is possible the law will be used to ban other kinds of firearms, as Democrats increase gun control nationwide. A gun shop owner petitioned the Supreme Court to block the law, while this issue works through the courts. This is what the highest court decided.

From Fox News:

The U.S. Supreme Court allowed Illinois’ ban on “assault weapons” to take effect temporarily on Wednesday.

The ruling allows the Illinois law to remain in effect while lower courts deliberate on its constitutional status. Wednesday’s ruling comes after a gun shop owner in Illinois requested an injunction against the ban.

This is very bad news. Normally, the courts will place an injunction on a controversial law while it’s being decided. That means, the law won’t be enforced unless the court rules it is constitutional. But the Supreme Court decided to let this unconstitutional ban stay in effect, while it is being battled out in lower courts.

Law-abiding residents of Illinois will not be able to buy rifles or magazines. It is a restriction on many gun shops’ ability to make a profit. And Democrats can use this time to whittle away at residents’ ability to protect themselves. The case might drag on for years, giving the gun control lobby a big win.

This decision also puts pressure on the lower courts to vote a certain way. If the Supreme Court has no problem letting this law stand, then perhaps they think it’s constitutional. That could encourage the lower courts to rule in favor of this gun-grabbing agenda.

Democrats have long labeled semi-automatic rifles as “assault weapons,” implying they are somehow more dangerous than other kinds of firearms. The truth is, every gun is an “assault weapon.” It is likely the left is trying to push these laws, in an attempt to ban all or most firearms.

The more gun control that is passed, the harder it is for Americans to exercise their rights. Democrats won’t have to openly remove the Second Amendment. There will be so many barriers to owning a firearm, it won’t even matter.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Supreme Court allowed an Illinois “assault weapons” ban to remain in effect.
  • The court refused to block it while the issue is being decided by lower courts.
  • The law also bans the sale of large-capacity magazines.

Source: Fox News

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