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Texas Gets Massive 24 Border Battle Boosts – The Lone Star State Never Saw This Coming

What’s Happening:

Since the start of the Biden administration, border states have been overrun by illegal aliens. Joe Biden and his White House have done nothing to stop an endless horde of invaders to enter the country. But with the ending of Title 42, what little measures Border Patrol did have are now gone.

And the waves of illegal immigrants will only get worse.

Most border states are being manhandled by Democrat leaders. Only the Lone Star State is actually fighting to prevent these criminal aliens from trampling our country. But the federal government has refused to offer help to secure the border. Recently, Florida Gov. DeSantis sent 1,000s of troops and resources to the Texas border. Now, 24 states are reacting to this news.

From The Post Millennial:

Republican governors released a joint statement on Tuesday pledging to assist Texas in securing its border with Mexico.

In response to Gov. Greg Abbott’s request for assistance, twenty-four Republican governors committed to helping secure the 1,254-mile-border…

While no Democratic governors responded to the letter, twenty-four Republicans pledged to help from states.

Isn’t that interesting? Greg Abbott requested aid from the states to deal with the overrun border. Of course, the federal government is doing nothing to help. In fact, Biden has spent considerable amounts of tax dollars to aid illegal aliens (including giving them smartphones, busing them into communities, and so on).

Twenty-four states, all led by Republicans, have pledged to support Texas in this battle against illegal immigration. Not a single Democrat governor was willing to help–even though this crisis has impacted every state in America.

I find it particularly galling that New York and Illinois refused to help. Both states have become overwhelmed by migrants flooding NYC and Chicago. You’d think they would be more than willing to stop this flood at the source. But, no. It seems Democrats just see this crisis as another excuse to take tax dollars away from Americans.

It’s actually a real shame it’s come to this. While we applaud every governor who is helping, they shouldn’t have to do this. Joe Biden took a vow to protect the United States. But his willful neglect of the border has broken that vow. Biden is going above and beyond to help outsiders at the expense of the American people.

Isn’t it time he was held accountable for that?

Key Takeaways:

  • Twenty-four Republican-led states pledged to aid Texas to secure the border.
  • This comes after Florida sent 1,000s of troops and resources to Texas.
  • Joe Biden has intentionally neglected the border, leading to an illegal immigration crisis.

Source: The Post Millennial

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