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Lawyer for Pregnant Nurse Harassed at NYC Bike Rental Plans on Suing Media Outlets for Smearing Her and Pushing Lies about the Incident

TGP’s Cristina Laila reported on this fake viral news story last week.
A pregnant Manhattan hospital worker accused of taking a Citi bike from a young black man, actually paid for the bike, her lawyer says.

Social media morons threatened a 6-month pregnant nurse after an out-of-context video of the woman in a heated exchange with a mob surrounding her at a bike docking station went viral last week.

The woman was also ‘placed on leave’ from Bellevue Hospital and is now in hiding!

“Help! Help me! Please help me!” the woman yelled as a man tried to take the Citi bike away from her.

“Get off me! Get off me, you’re hurting my fetus,” the distressed pregnant woman shouted as she pushed the man away.

“I’m not touching you! You’re putting your stomach on my hand,” the black man replied.

The video conveniently started recording right before the pregnant woman paid for the bike and undocked it from the bike station.



Leftists reportedly doxxed and threatened the pregnant woman.

On Friday, Justin Marino, the attorney for the pregnant nurse told FOX News they were planning on suing the mainstream media outlets who lied about the woman and the incident.



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