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Biden Humiliated On the World Stage – Look What Accidentally Flashed Up On The Screen

What’s Happening:

Even Hillary Clinton is admitting Joe Biden’s too old to run for president. Hey, Hill, we’ve been saying that for four years! Biden continues to give us reason to believe he is not fit for office. And not because he can’t walk down the stairs.

Every time he appears on camera, Joe comes off as confused and disoriented. Even with teleprompters, he can’t finish a sentence. Imagine how badly he’d perform when speaking with world leaders. Joe was in Japan recently, forced to interact with that country’s leadership. And viewers spotted this embarrassing detail.

From The Western Journal:

This weekend, Biden attended the Group of Seven Summit in Hiroshima, Japan, and met with President Fumio Kishida.

Cain said: “As you can see on his sheet of paper, it’s fully laid out, ‘Thank you, Fumio, for hosting us here in your hometown of Hiroshima. All of us gathered around this table are not only the closest of allies — we’re the engines of global economic growth.’”


Hegseth noted the absurdity of an American president needing to be reminded that the United States and Japan are now allies.

Yikes. While meeting with Japanese leaders, Biden had to use a cheat card just for opening remarks. The camera clearly showed that his aids gave him a card with what words to say. Often, we find he is given cards with detailed instructions on where to walk, when to speak, or when to sit down.

Biden is clearly being controlled by his handlers. He often admits he’s “not allowed” to answer a question or that he’ll “get in trouble.” With whom? He’s the president!

Yet we’ve seen evidence that proves he’s really not in charge. His failing mental health makes it so that he can’t even hold a conversation with the leader of Japan. Even with those cheat cards, Biden struggles.

The only people who don’t admit this are the Democrats. They can’t confess that Biden is unfit for the job, because their entire scheme will crumble. Republicans would call for Joe to be removed from office and there goes 2024.

So, Democrats continue to pretend like their emperor has no clothes. But we all know the truth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cameras caught Joe Biden’s cheat cards yet again, this time in Japan.
  • His handlers told him exactly what to do, suggesting he is losing his cognitive abilities.
  • Biden frequently relies on these cards, otherwise, he’d be confused and disoriented.

Source: The Western Journal

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