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Hunter Reeling from Expert Report – Biden Family Could Be Wrecked by 1 New Piece of Evidence

What’s Happening:

We’ve seen all sorts of stories about Joe Biden and his family. None of them good. There are so many reports of their supposed corruption, that some Americans call them the “Biden Crime Family.” But the man who takes the cake must be Hunter Biden, the son of Joe.

Plenty of information has come out suggesting Hunter used his father’s influence to land deals with foreign countries. Joe Biden himself has been implicated, trading favors with the White House in exchange for big bucks. But now, legal experts are weighing in on one revelation. This could send old Hunter to jail.

From Breitbart:

Hunter Biden could be charged with violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) after securing an alleged meeting for a foreign national with then-Vice President Joe Biden, legal experts say based upon recently reported emails between the president’s son and family business associates.

Newly released emails reveal that Hunter Biden was securing meetings between his father and foreign entities. He was promising this person access to the vice president, in order to secure billions of dollars in investments.

That alone seems shady, as it throws gas on the claim that Joe Biden was peddling his influence for money. But Hunter might have also violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act. This law requires an American to register with the government if they are advocating for a foreign country.

Hunter Biden was working with countries like China and Ukraine. But he clearly never registered as a foreign agent with the government. This could be a sign that he was engaged in what some have called a bribery scheme, one that involved Joe and other family members.

Currently, House Republicans are investigating the Biden family’s connections with foreign powers. Several members of the family have received big bucks from China, Ukraine, and other places. This new revelation will only give Republicans more reason to hold Joe accountable.

But will Americans ever see justice served? If Biden really is a puppet for foreign powers, will he ever be held accountable for it? Democrats tried to destroy Trump on false accusations that he was a Russian puppet.

Yet we keep seeing plausible evidence that Joe and his family are actually doing this. But nothing is done. Is there justice in this country, at all?

Key Takeaways:

  • Experts are accusing Hunter Biden of violating the FARA.
  • Hunter had worked as a foreign agent for China and Ukraine to secure access to his father.
  • He might have violated this law, by not registering as a foreign agent with the government.

Source: Breitbart

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