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Hillary Clinton Sent Spinning by Federal Judge – New Ruling Lands Her in Deep Trouble

What’s Happening:

It took a long time, but Special Counsel John Durham delivered big time. The attorney was leading a years-long investigation into how Democrats tried to sabotage the Trump campaign and presidency. What Durham revealed was how the FBI took fabricated information from Hillary Clinton to undermine Donald Trump.

So, you might be wondering… where are the indictments?

Why isn’t a single Democrat being held accountable for what they did? Well, justice takes a long time to come, but when it does there is no escape. And one person might not have gotten away as cleanly as she thought. Because a federal judge just reopened a case against her.

From Just the News:

Just a few weeks after Special Counsel John Durham revealed significant failures to investigate allegations against Hillary Clinton’s family charity, a U.S. Tax Court judge has once again breathed new life into a years-long whistleblower case alleging IRS improprieties involving the controversial Clinton Foundation.

Wow. There has been an ongoing investigation within the IRS against Hillary’s infamous “Clinton Foundation.” Several times, the IRS and others have tried to dismiss this case. But after Durham’s final report came out, a federal judge is on the move.

U.S. Tax Court Judge David Gustafson refused to rule in a new request to dismiss this case. Instead, he wanted new arguments in light of recent court rulings. It seems there is a mysterious “gap” in the Clinton Foundation’s records.

A gap that has been questioned by the IRS. But the agency has refused to admit if it conducted a criminal investigation into this gap. Is the IRS going out of its way to protect a Democrat? When have we ever heard of that before?

A whistleblower tried to expose the Clinton Foundation as a foreign lobbyist which accepted donations from overseas and then tried to influence the U.S. government. That’s consistent with what many people believed Clinton was doing as Secretary of State.

But the IRS could have exposed this possible crime but refuses to reveal what it knows. This judge’s ruling could force the agency to give up information related to this investigation. If that does happen, we could be seeing brand new investigations against old Hillary.

Key Takeaways:

  • A federal judge reopened a case against the Clinton Foundation.
  • Whistleblowers accused the IRS of covering up crimes committed by the foundation.
  • This comes soon after John Durham exposed the FBI’s involvement in Clinton’s Russian scheme.

Source: Just the News

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