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Hours After Supreme Court Kavanaugh Plot Foiled – Democrats Quickly Block Bill That Gives Families Of Justices More Security


Washington is still reeling from the news that broke this week: a man was arrested for allegedly attempting to murder Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

With Roe v. Wade on the potential chopping block and pro-choice activists apparently becoming increasingly aggressive, many citizens are starting to worry. Violence could soon hit extreme levels.

This is why Republicans quickly proposed a bill that would’ve given the families of Justices more protection.

However, though the bill passed through the Senate, House Democrats Managed To Block It — raising more questions as to the security Washington offers its elected officials.

Just hours after the Kavanaugh plot was foiled, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) made a unanimous consent request on the House floor. The task at hand was to bring S. 4160 up for a vote.

The bill would’ve allocated more security for Supreme Court Justices and their families, and it seemed to be a timely proposal.

House Democrats obviously disagreed, though. This generated plenty of backlash from Conservatives and pro-life supporters nationwide, many of whom say they’re frightened of the current climate.

From Breitbart:

House Democrats on Wednesday stalled a bill that would have provided additional security for Supreme Court Justices on the same day a man was arrested for attempting to murder Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Despite McCarthy’s request, Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats failed to comply with McCarthy’s proposal to bring the bill to vote.

Rep. McCarthy slammed the refusal to vote on the bill, noting that this decision comes on the same day that a man was charged with attempted murder of a high court Justice.

McCarthy also said that the bill giving more protection to Justices’ families passed the Senate over a month ago. All they needed was a vote in the House to keep pushing the potential legislation.

But Pelosi and her colleagues wouldn’t let it happen. Said McCarthy in reply:

Over a month ago, the Senate unanimously passed a bill to provide more security for Supreme Court justices and their family.

But House Democrats have let that Bill gather dust. This is the same party whose heated rhetoric has encouraged political pressure on conservative justices.

McCarthy further accused President Joe Biden of tolerating protests at the personal homes of court Justices. These protests haven’t completely stopped, either, despite this week’s concerning arrest.

Republicans have also called out Democrat Senate Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for making some possibly inflammatory comments earlier this year.

At the time, Schumer specifically addressed Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch and said “You Have Unleashed A Whirlwind And You Will Pay The Price. You Won’t Know What Hits You If You Go Forward With These Awful Decisions.

The GOP is now saying these are the very words that continue to incite acts of desperate violence among abortion activists.

That’s why S. 4160 was put into play but clearly, House Democrats had a problem with it. As a result, it’s possible that Justices might feel even more pressure and stress as big Court decisions are on the horizon.

If the protesting continues to escalate, law enforcement could have its hands full trying to defuse the situation in the future.

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