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GOP Senator Tim Scott Goes On ABC’s The View, Sets Whoopi Goldberg Straight

GOP Senator Tim Scott went on ABC’s The View and schooled Whoopi Goldberg and the rest of the cast after they attacked Scott recently with some scandalous comments about race.

Nicholas Fondacaro, associate editor for the MRC, broke down what happened:

“Tim Scott CONFRONTS The View for the racist and dangerous rhetoric they spew. “…On this show that the only way for a young African American kid to be successful in this country is to be the exception and not the rule. That’s a dangerous offensive disgusting message to send…

“Scott: “Progress in America is palpable. It can be measured in generations.”

“So, what I’m suggesting is that the yesterday’s exception is today’s rule,” he directly spoke to Sunny Hostin.

“He adds that the challenges of the past should not be viewed as those that exist today.

“Whoopi falsely claims Republicans want to drag the country back on race relations: “How can you get your party to stop trying to stop the progression that people are making?”

“Scott SCHOOLS her: “It’s an issue of the heart. It’s not Republicans or Democrats.”

“Ana Navarro suggests the U.S. is racist because there are currently only 3 black senators.

“But Scott reveals the progress: In 10 years we’ve had “about half of all the African Americans who ever served in the Senate … this nation is making measurable progress in real-time.”

“The View claims Trump tiptoeing down a ramp is worse than Biden falling over.

“Why are we always talking about Biden’s age and not Donald Trump’s age?” -Ana Navarro

“[Trump] could not walk down a ramp, could not hold a glass of water…” Sunny Hostin, a racist.

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