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Biden Replies to Criminal Probe with Shock Joke – His 3 Words Are Jaw-Dropping Insanity

What’s Happening:

Despite the staggering conflict of interest, Joe Biden is sitting back and letting his DOJ prosecute Donald Trump. Had Trump done this while in office, the left would be flipping out. Yet they have no problem with a sitting president’s DOJ prosecuting his biggest political rival.

Isn’t that what Democrats impeached Trump over in 2019?

But Joe is far from safe. He has a trail of sin going all the way back to his time as vice president. And House Republicans just discovered a piece of evidence that could take down the entire Biden Crime Family. Old Joe was asked about this investigation, which should be making him very nervous. But his response shows just how deep he’s in for it.

From Fox News:

President Biden responded to questions Thursday about his alleged involvement in an international bribery scandal with a simple joke.

“Where’s the money?” he quipped…

“I’m joking. It’s a bunch of malarkey,” Biden added.

Republicans revealed that evidence proved by the FBI reveals a bribery scheme involving Joe Biden and his family. Even moderate Republican Nancy Mace said what they saw is ” worse than has been reported so far.”

Well, what’s been reported so far has been very bad… so her comments are bone-chilling. Marjorie Taylor Greene said the evidence is impeachable.

But when asked about it, Crooke Joe said “Where’s the money?”

Um… you’ll have to answer that for us, Joe. According to the most recent reports, Biden was paid millions by a foreign national to get a prosecutor fired. Biden and his family live high off the hog. I don’t think we have to look far to find the money.

Yet Biden is so cocky, he thinks he can joke about something as serious as a vice president being bribed.

I guess Biden thinks he’s totally safe. He has the DOJ on his side and he’s using it to prosecute Donald Trump. What other agency is out there that can actually hold him accountable?

But Biden is forgetting one important thing. The House is under Republican control. And they have the power to investigate this thing all on their own. And, guess what Joe? The election is about a year out.

An investigation into the Biden family’s possible crimes is the last thing Joe needs. And this won’t be run by the crooked DOJ, but by House Republicans who have an axe to grind.

Biden should be very worried.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden joked about evidence that implicates him in a bribery scheme.
  • He said “Where’s the money?” about claims he was bribed to get a prosecutor fired.
  • Many rumors surround Biden and his family, who are accused of scheming with foreign powers.

Source: Fox News

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