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Biden’s White House Devolves Into Disarray – Joe Can’t Stand His Aides Coming To Rescue Him But WH Denies Report

Joe Biden’s aides have been eager to rein down his views for a long time. To keep him from talking, they even dressed him up as the Easter Bunny.

Much of what he says has to be scrambled and backtracked. Especially when it comes to international relations and violence.

Old Joe, on the other hand, appears to be getting tired of it.

From Breitbart:

President Joe Biden is not happy about his staffers repeatedly stepping in to clarify his statements, according to a report, and feels it necessary to remind them he is the president.

NBC News reports Biden hates the “clean-up campaign” telling his advisers it “undermines him and smothers the authenticity that fueled his rise.”

“Fueled his rise”? LMAO Is it possible that Biden “won” because Americans were so taken with him?

Anyway… Biden appears enraged that his aides are correcting his words, particularly those that could lead to a conflict.

Biden believes that his “authenticity” is what makes him appealing to Americans. Is he unaware that we refer to him as “Creepy Joe” and that the only thing keeping him from being dragged out of that phony office are his coworkers?

Biden is only hanging on by a thread because much of what we see and hear of him is controlled by his handlers.

Even so, they won’t be able to have complete control. And Biden is frequently caught on camera saying something completely ridiculous.

To avert more embarrassment, the White House has had to intervene and change what he stated.

Is Biden certain that he is the president, rather than a China-backed DNC puppet?

That’s a fantastic joke.

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