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GOP Just Scored a Major Victory – The Evidence They Needed Will Rock the Swamp

What’s Happening:

This week, we learned that Biden’s DOJ is potentially committed a conflict of interests by indicting Donald Trump. Despite Trump being Biden’s top rival, the agency sees no problem with going after him, over paperwork. The agency doesn’t seem too concerned that Biden did the same thing, only worse.

But Biden is far from being in the clear. The man with a family more corrupt than the Clintons has plenty of reasons to be afraid–even as senile as he is. For months, Republican investigators have been hounding Joe and his wayward son Hunter. They discovered the FBI was hiding a document that could blow up the family’s criminal history wide open. And now, House Republicans are about to get their hands on it.

From Fox News:

The FBI is willing to allow all members of the House Oversight Committee to view the subpoenaed document that alleges President Biden was involved in a criminal bribery scheme, a source familiar told Fox News Digital.

The source familiar said all members of the panel would be able to view the document in question — an FBI-generated 1023 form — in a secure location. It is unclear whether the secure location would be in a SCIF (sensitive compartmented information facility) on Capitol Hill or at the FBI’s headquarters.

The FBI will finally allow House Republicans to view a document related to Joe Biden and a possible bribery scheme. We can’t say what this document contains, or if the FBI will try to redact it to some extent.

But House Republicans had to subpoena the agency and then hold its leader in contempt of Congress, before they were willing to comply.

That should tell you just how damning this document might be to Joe Biden.

We know that the FBI has a horrible track record when it comes to meddling in elections. The agency nearly hijacked the 2016 Election with their bogus investigation of Trump–an investigation which dragged on for years.

The agency did meddle in the 2020 Election, by not investigating Hunter Biden’s laptop. Whistleblowers revealed that top FBI brass refused in order to protect Joe Biden’s chances.

Does anyone really think this tarnished agency wouldn’t hide a document that incriminates the Bidens?

Even with House Republicans getting a chance to see the document, don’t rejoice yet. The FBI probably has a few tricks left up his sleeve to ensure Biden gets off scot-free. Republicans are going to have to work much harder, if they want to hold Joe accountable.

Key Takeaways:

  • The FBI will allow House Republicans to view a document related to a Biden bribery scheme.
  • The agency previously refused, prompting a contempt of Congress charge.
  • The FBI has a history of meddling in elections to protect Democrats.

Source: Fox News

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