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Trump Suddenly Gets the Upper Hand – Critical DOJ Blunder Could Save Donald

What’s Happening:

Democrats have been trying for over seven years to take down Donald Trump. They have pulled out every trick in the book, from spying on his campaign to manufacturing scandals to using the federal government to persecute him. Their latest involves, of all things, paperwork.

Democrats really think they can defeat Trump over documents he had the power to declassify?

The news came out this week that Biden’s DOJ (in what appears to be a shocking conflict of interest) has indicted Trump over the documents they stole from Mar-A-Largo. But it seems that Biden’s DOJ has made a massive blunder. And it could mean salvation for 45.

From Just the News:

…The venue of the case offers Trump some advantages in defending himself.

Miami is home to many Cubans who fled the communist nation to escape political persecution there and who may sympathize with Trump’s claim that he is being targeted and who are potential jurors…

U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon will handle the presidential document case… Cannon, a Trump appointee, previously handled the Trump legal team’s request to appoint a special master to independently review the materials the FBI seized and halted the DOJ’s own review at his request.

Well, now! It doesn’t seem as if the DOJ really knows what it is doing. The federal indictment is being handled in Miami, FL–not Washington, D.C. Miami is home to many Cubans who fled the very same kind of political persecution Biden is inflicting on Trump.

The jury won’t be full of swamp-loving Washington residents, but free Americans who might sympathize with the former president.

On top of that, the judge handling the case is Aileen Cannon, a Trump appointee.

The judge will in no way show Trump special treatment (despite how often Democrats get that), but will be far less biased against Trump–compared to Obama-era judges.

You have to wonder how Biden’s DOJ made so many critical missteps when putting together this case. If they really intend to get Trump convicted, why have this case in Florida? Is it possible this is just more mud-slinging?

Do Democrats really think they can send Trump to jail? Or are they just trying to stir up more negative press against him, to tank his re-election chances?

I guess you’ll have to be the judge on that. But we don’t think this case will end up going the way Democrats want, regardless.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden’s DOJ indicted Donald Trump over the classified documents.
  • The case is being conducted in Miami, FL, where Trump might have sympathetic jurors.
  • The judge presiding over the case is a Trump appointee.

Source: Just the News

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