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After FBI Finally Exposes the ‘Big Guy’ – House Republicans Suddenly Move Against Him

It seems with each passing day more information is coming out about Joe Biden and his family’s criminal schemes. We’ve heard for years that Joe’s brothers, and then his son Hunter, have used his political influence to get rich. But things really took a turn when Biden was Obama’s vice president.

According to what we’ve seen on Hunter’s laptop, Joe and his son were wheeling and dealing with the highest bidders around the world. Hunter was landing shady deals with the help of his father. And a particular term was used to refer to Joe, who allegedly got a cut of all these deals. And now, an FBI document appears to trap Joe, because it uses the same term.

From Breitbart:

Rep. James Comer (R-KY) highlighted Thursday the FBI document containing allegations President Joe Biden engaged in a bribery scheme showed he went by the nickname “the big guy” years before the name surfaced in the media — which he suggested lent credibility to the allegations contained in the document…

According to the informant, the oligarch told him that he paid “the big guy” $5 million through banks accounts that would take investigators years to find. The informant told the FBI the payment was in exchange for help in dealing with issues, including being under investigation for corruption.

Whoa. The FBI document shown to House Republicans is testimony from a “highly trusted” informant. He reveals that Joe Biden was paid $5 million through various shell accounts, so investigators would have a hard time tracing the money.

This money was a bribe to get then-Vice President Biden to help Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company working with his son Hunter.

In this FBI document, the informant reveals Joe Biden was called “the big guy.” That is the same term used in Hunter Biden emails, discovered on his infamous laptop.

House Rep. James Comer accused Biden of laundering this money through shell companies with six American banks. Nobody knew about this until the FBI informant blew the whistle.

The FBI knew about this for years, yet did nothing. You’d think learning that a former vice president was being paid by foreign powers to abuse his authority would have triggered a massive investigation. Instead, the deep state buried this information, just as they often bury incriminating information about Democrats.

But it doesn’t look as if Republicans are going to sweep this under the carpet. Comer and other House investigators are chasing down every lead. It is very possible that this will result in an impeachment against Joe.

It could be a matter of time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden was called the “big guy” according to an FBI informant.
  • The informant claimed Biden was paid $5 million as a bribe, which was hidden in various bank accounts.
  • House Republicans are accusing Biden of taking part in a bribery scheme while he was vice president.

Source: Breitbart

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