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After NYC Prof Puts Machete to Reporter’s Neck – The Judge Hands Down Jaw-Dropping Punishment

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Much of the radical socialist movement in America has its source in colleges and universities. It appears many college professors preach a far-left ideology, and convince many students to embrace their dogma.

Most Antifa and BLM members stirring up unrest in large cities are college students. They have embraced the extremist views of some college professors, who subscribe to critical race theory, Marxism, and other political views.

One of these professors showed her true colors when she threatened a reporter. Video caught her holding a machete to the neck of New York Post reporter Reuven Fenton. She was just brought before the court—and this is what happened.

From Fox News:
A New York City college professor who threatened a reporter while wielding a machete in May, pled guilty in court on Monday to menacing…

As part of the plea deal, 45-year-old Shellyne Rodriguez must complete 13 months of behavioral therapy…

In May, Rodriguez was seen on video lunging from her apartment and into the hallway where she held a machete to veteran New York Post reporter Reuven Fenton’s throat.

Shellyne Rodriguez pled guilty in court for an incident involving a New York Post reporter. Instead of facing jail time, the judge ordered her to complete thirteen months of behavioral therapy. It is unclear what kind of “therapy” this includes.

Reuven Fenton was at Rodriguez’s apartment over a controversy at her school. She reportedly lashed out at students who were handing out pro-life materials. When Fenton tried to get answers from the professor, she drew the machete and held it up to his neck.

Some spectators might wonder why Rodriguez received what could be viewed as a “slap on the wrist.” Threatening someone with a deadly weapon often results in serious penalties and even jail time. Yet Rodriguez will remain a free woman and is only required to attend some form of therapy.

Rodriguez was charged with fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon and “menacing.” She was fired from Hunter College but received a new job at the Cooper Union School of Art—a private school in Manhattan.

Source: Fox News

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