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Blue State Drops Huge Trump Decision – They Just Decided His 2024 Fate

As we get closer to the 2024 Election, the battle over Trump’s campaign is only heating up. Several liberal-leaning states have ruled to strike Trump off their ballots—prompting a Supreme Court battle.

But many other similar fights are being waged in most states across America. Numerous groups have sued to prevent Americans from voting for their choice of candidate.

In one blue state, a group called “Free Speech for People” petitioned the election board to remove Trump’s name. As in other states, this anti-Trump group claims they are “defending” democracy. This is how the state ruled.

From The Post Millennial:
On Tuesday, the Illinois State Board of Elections unanimously voted to keep Donald Trump on the ballot, dismissing a challenge that sought to bar the former president from appearing on the ballot via the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause.

The election board does not have jurisdiction to determine whether Trump violated the 14th Amendment, thus its decision is not final. The group who filed the challenge, Free Speech For People, has vowed to “immediately appeal” in court.

The Illinois State Board of Elections voted to keep Trump on the ballot after a group filed a challenge against the former president. Retired Judge Clark Erickson had advised the board to rule against the request since it did not have jurisdiction to convict Trump of “insurrection.”

Most of the cases brought against Trump accuse him of committing insurrection on January 6, 2021. Several federal criminal cases against him involved his alleged actions on that day.

Trump’s supporters strongly oppose those accusations. Many of them have instead accused Democrats of being the true threats to democracy for trying to block a candidate from appearing on the ballot.

Nearly all the attempts to remove Trump from state ballots have failed, except in Colorado and Maine. A Supreme Court case will decide if states can keep Trump off the ballot, despite being found guilty of insurrection.

It is unknown as of yet how the court will decide. The issue will weigh heavily on Democrats’ ongoing campaigns against Trump. If the court allows Trump to stay on state ballots, it could undermine federal cases accusing him of insurrection. If the court rules Trump can be removed from ballots, many blue states will no doubt quickly strike him.

Which would only further convince his supporters that Democrats are trying to steal the 2024 Election.

Source: The Post Millennial

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