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Elon Musk Has The Best Question About The $355 Million Trump Ruling

You don’t get to be the world’s richest man by being stupid….

And Elon Musk just proved it again by asking one simple question about the recent $355 million Ruling against President Trump.

Here was his post:


It’s something I’ve been wondering about too….

Brilliantly stated.  So there are NO victims here (all banks were repaid in full with interest) and NO losses, so what is the $355 million for?  And where exactly is it going?

Remind you of anything?

It reminds me of Ukraine.

Never mind the pesky details about where this money is going, just send more of it!  Millions!  Billions!

Same thing here.

A court-imposed fine is intended to make a party whole, is it not?

And yet you even had the banks testifying in this case that they have no beef against Donald Trump and they were happy to have his business!

A $355 million fine for running a successful business and repaying the banks in full with interest and building the New York City skyline while you’re at it?

Absolutely insane.

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