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Supreme Court Suddenly Reveals 1 Deadline – It’s a Huge Development in Trump’s Case

Recently, Donald Trump appealed to the Supreme Court over the Democrat-led trials against him. Many have weighed in on the charges the Biden-appointed liberal has thrown at the former president.

Some seem to think that Jack Smith’s cases against Trump hold no water. Others believe there is not enough evidence—yet the DOJ went ahead with them anyway over politics.

Trump believes he is immune to prosecution because he was a sitting president. A lower court rejected the claim on dubious grounds. So, he took it to the highest court. Now, the Supreme Court is considering his request and is giving Jack Smith a very narrow deadline.

From Washington Examiner:
The Supreme Court on Tuesday gave Jack Smith, the special counsel prosecuting former President Donald Trump, one week to respond to the former president’s emergency application asking the justices to halt an appeals court decision that rejected Trump’s claim that he is immune from criminal charges.

Trump called on the Supreme Court to overturn a lower court ruling against his claims of immunity. The lower court claimed that Trump is no longer president and therefore not immune. They said this despite the fact the charges relate to actions done while he was president.

Some critics have explained that, if a president can be prosecuted after he leaves office, every future president is in jeopardy. This could have a detrimental impact on our nation, preventing presidents from acting decisively.

It seems the Supreme Court is taking this issue seriously. It has given Special Counsel Jack Smith one week to respond to Trump’s request. After that, the court will make a decision.

We can expect Smith’s office to quickly respond. From all appearances, Jack Smith is determined to pin Trump to the wall. Critics have been quick to accuse Smith of being politically compromised. Some say he is just another Democrat eager to stop Trump from becoming president.

Many questionable things have been done by the DOJ over these trials. The FBI infamously stormed Trump’s home to confiscate secured documents. The DOJ’s cases against Trump appear largely based on claims made by House Democrats, obvious partisans who hate the former president.

It is impossible to predict what will happen. But if Trump is convicted in any of these trials, many Americans will be outraged.

Source: Washington Examiner

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