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Bob Costas Drags Trump As ‘Disgraceful’ And ‘Loathsome’ In Epic Rant

Broadcaster Bob Costas harshly rebuked former President Donald Trump, describing him as a “disgraceful” and “loathsome” figure whose supporters comprise a “toxic cult.”

Costas made his remarks during an appearance on CNN’s Smerconish. He was asked by host Michael Smerconish to elaborate on his “position of not wanting to see Trump get elected,” which Smerconish said should be stated “at the outset.”

Costas responded:

“Yes, absolutely. [Trump] is by far the most disgraceful figure in modern presidential history. He’s only become more disgraceful since 2016 and since 2020, he has a bubbling cauldron of loathsome traits.”
“And it’s only those who are actually suffering from Trump derangement syndrome, which is the way they and Fox News and all the rest of MAGA media try to brush aside all the legitimate criticisms of Trump.”
“You have to be, in the throes of some sort of toxic delusion in a toxic cult, to believe that Donald Trump has ever been in any sense, emotionally, psychologically, intellectually or ethically fit to be president of the United States.”
“But his supporters are locked in on that. There is no cult of Joe Biden.”
You can hear what he said in the video below.

Many have echoed Costas’ criticisms of the former President.

Costas’ remarks came after Trump won the South Carolina GOP primary by about 20 points, leading former South Carolina Governor and fellow 2024 GOP hopeful Haley 59.8 percent to 39.5 percent. Haley has pledged to stay in the race, resisting calls to drop out.

Trump’s former communications director Alyssa Farah Griffin told reporters that Trump’s win does not represent a “mandate”:

“Somebody who’s running as virtually an incumbent — Donald Trump — getting 60 percent, and 40 percent being against him? That’s not a mandate, especially with the entire Republican party apparatus behind him, with most elected Republicans behind him.”
Farah Griffin said Haley “is underscoring the fundamental weakness of Donald Trump, and it should be a five-alarm fire for the party.”

Haley herself has stressed that the fact the former President has been unable to secure more than 60 percent of the vote in contested races should serve as a cautionary signal.


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