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Little Girl Immediately Starts Crying When Biden Greets Her At Easter Egg Roll

A young attendee’s Easter Egg Roll took an unexpected turn when  Joe Biden’s greeting led to tears.

The moment occurred when Biden approached one girl participating in the event, which is a longstanding tradition dating back to 1878. As Biden greeted her, she became visibly upset and began to cry after the President spoke to her.

In another moment on Sunday, Biden appeared to lean in close to a different child and sniff him.

Biden Creepily Sniffs Another Child At White House Easter Egg Roll

On Sunday, the Biden administration followed the Obama administration’s footsteps by declaring the holiday a “Transgender Day of Visibility.” On Saturday, the Trump campaign blasted the Biden campaign for the anti-Christian act.

The Transgender Day of Visibility (not to be confused with the Transgender Day of Remembrance) was first declared in 2009 under the Obama administration. But Biden was the first president to make the made-up “holiday” official in 2021.




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