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Trump Invokes Article 9 To Begin Prosecution Of Democrats For Treason


The Democrats have been planning and pushing forward their fake impeachment scam for three years now. From the moment that President Trump set foot in the White House, the socialist plot to remove him had begun.

Their case is without evidence and without merit. It doesn’t meet even the most minimum judicial standards for a legal prosecution. Indeed, it is not a prosecution, but a persecution. In fact, it meets all the legal requirements to qualify as a coup.

That’s why President Trump has decided to invoke Article 9, a section of the constitution reserved for legal discourse against traitors to the presidency. Article 9 reads as follows:

“Whereas an elected official’s loyalty to the president comes into question, and furthermore said official chooses to begin action to unseat said president, that elected shall be deemed unfit and unworthy of his office and a traitor to God and country. The President shall be given sole legal authority and responsibility to remove the traitorous personnel from public service. This should be done swiftly and without prejudice.”

Essentially, what the article is saying with reference to recent events, is that Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats, by virtue of their vicious persecution of an elected president, are traitors to the crown and should be punished appropriately. The only person to have the authority to push forward with their punishment is the president who was the victim of their actions, in this case President Trump.

So now the new trial will begin. It is expected that all will be prosecuted simultaneously so as to limit the amount of government time wasted, especially since three years have already been wasted on a fraudulent impeachment process. Legal experts expect the full trial to take no more than one week as the evidence against the Democrats is so overwhelming.

At long last this whole circus will be coming to an end. It remains to be seen if the Democrat Party as a whole will be held responsible, but that would seem to be the logical way to go.

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