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California ‘Republicans’ Turn on Trump, Demand His Resignation

Ask any red-blooded American patriot to describe all the good things Dear Leader Donald Jesus Trump has done for this country, and they will undoubtedly lead with “the stock market is at an all-time high,” then tell the questioner to go back to his mama’s basement because only socialist basement-dwellers ask questions like that.
But now that the stock market is crashing and is down more than 20 percent, a number of turncoat California Republicans have demanded Trump’s resignation. Can you believe it?? It’s not like he’s responsible for any of this! At all!
There are only like 11 Republicans in the entire government of California, out of 46,922 elected officials statewide. And every single one of them has signed an open letter to the president, demanding that he step down to try to restore some sense of calm in these turbulent times.
The highest-ranking Republican in the state, Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Commission on Economic Greatness Joe Barron, said:
“President Trump presided over the final three years of an 11-year bull market. That means the stock market had been going up for 11 years — for eight years during the black guy’s administration, followed by three years of Trump. But now, his only claim to economic fame has come crashing down around him, and around all of us. He must go, now, to restore faith in our great nation’s economy and leadership.”
A few things bear repeating: Obama absolutely cannot take credit for eight years of stock market gains, Trump deserves ALL the credit for three additional years of stock market gains, and perhaps most important at this uncertain time, Trump can’t be blamed for the jaw-dropping losses of the last couple of weeks.
It’s not his fault!
He’s the victim, yet again, of the media doing stuff like “reporting the news” and “telling the truth.” His press conferences about current events show his stability and how much he’s in control of the situation. Every situation.
So what if the old lady next door has to eat cat food and can’t afford to stockpile toilet paper and hand sanitizer. She should have planned better. It’s not Trump’s fault. Everyone knows that.
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