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DHS Whistleblower Against Obama Admin Found Dead From Gunshot Wound: Report

The Department of Homeland and Security whistleblower who exposed Barack Obama and the wrongdoing in his administration has been found dead from a gunshot wound in California.

DHS whistleblower Philip Haney was found dead on Friday night, he is the man who came forward and exposed how political correctness was hurting the war in terror under Obama.

From Law Enforcement Today: We’ve received reports that Philip Haney, a DHS whistleblower on the Obama administration, has been found dead.

We have not yet received independent confirmation from the Sheriff’s Department, but sources within law enforcement have verified that there’s a death investigation underway.

If you have seen a few episodes of Behind the Uniform or have ever watched Fox News, you probably recognize the name Philip Haney. He was the DHS whistleblower that dropped the hammer on the Obama administration regarding the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS.

He was also a friend to many at Law Enforcement Today. We have an exclusive interview with him at the bottom of the article that was conducted on Behind the Uniforms before his death.

Multiple sources tell us that Philip’s body was discovered outside San Francisco, CA, last night. The current indications point to him being shot to death.

It is unclear when it happened or how. The details are still emerging. As soon as we have more information, we will provide an update.

Friends of Haney told us that they spoke with Haney earlier this week and he’d “never been happier”. They’ve suggested there’s absolutely no way he would have taken his own life… and reinforce that he’s had many enemies since he blew the whistle on the Obama administration.

Close friends of Haney tell us that his wife lost her battle with cancer in 2019. Haney was engaged to be married later this year. The author of See Something, Say Nothing was preparing to go back on the road in advance of the upcoming election. He was currently living in California, just west of San Francisco.

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