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Manchin Rips Biden’s Energy Policy in Wake of Russian Invasion

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Right now, America is importing hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil from Russia, a nation we’re theoretically about to be at war with, or at least need to counter abroad.

Last year, we imported massive quantities of Russian oil too, spending millions a day on buying something we could produce but don’t because…Biden thinks the angry sun monster would get mad if oil was pumped here rather than in Russia, or something.

Well, while many Democrats back that bizarre, green agenda one Democrat is standing up to the Biden regime on that and calling on America to start producing enough fuel so that it doesn’t go the way of Germany, which is now looking at paying a whole lot more for energy since it can’t import fuel from Russia and closed many of its nuclear plants.

Turns out, green energy just isn’t as good as its proponents claim, and real energy sources are gonna be needed for the foreseeable future.

Well, while the Germans might be having to learn that the hard way, Manchin doesn’t want us to have to too.

So, he appeared on Fox Business Network Wednesday to say that:

“[W]e have to have energy independen[ce]. You cannot be the superpower of the world if you have to depend on other nations to produce your energy.

And I’m just in a different place than my caucus or the colleagues or the president and they have a hard time coming to grips that you’ve got to use everything you’ve got. You’ve got to use your gas, you’ve got to use your coal, you’ve got to use your oil, and you have to develop wind and solar and hydro and geothermal and hydrogen.

All of these things I’m for. But I’m not going to leave us in a void, Larry, I’m just not going to basically go down that path and end up like Germany did, trying to get something — rid of something that you don’t think you like because you think something else will replace it. And then, when you get to that time period, it doesn’t replace it, so you’re in one heck of a mess.

Later in the segment, Manchin added to his analysis of the situation, saying “[I]f you want to do something with an all-in energy policy that does not leave us in a void, then do something that basically uses all of the above, and with the new technology, but basically not leave your fossils out of the mix. Because that’s the horsepower you need to run the superpower of the world.”

Manchin is right. The US needs to be taking its energy policy seriously; it can’t keep diddling around with at best inefficient and at worst useless “green” tech while ignoring real fuel production. Solar and wind might seem nice, but the reality of the situation is that we need those energy sources that are reliable and cheap, not pleasant sounding to utopian leftists.


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