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Texas Just Tore Down Democrat Holy Grail – Governor Abbot Orders New Rules To ‘Defund The Defunders’

Joe Biden might claim otherwise, but we know that for nearly two years, Democrats have tried to shut down our police departments. States across the country sought to slash police officers’ funding. The result has been devastating—with crime surging in many cities. It might come as a shock to find out that, in the heart of Texas, liberals tried to do the same.

At least one major city in Texas cut its police budget. It resulted in an increase in crime in an already troubled city. That wasn’t good enough for Gov. Abbott. He signed a bill that would penalize any TX city that tried to slash its police budget. And now, he is making it a reality.


Governor Greg Abbott today announced the adoption of new Texas Administrative Code rules by the Office of the Governor’s Public Safety Office (PSO) to prevent municipalities from defunding their police forces…

Under House Bill 1900, if the Governor’s PSO determines a city has defunded its police department, the city will be subject to tax rate limitations, lose access to certain tax revenues, and be subject to other budgetary requirements and limitations.

Gov. Abbott implemented new measures to punish Texas cities that try to defund their PDs. He signed a bill into law months ago. Now, the law is going into effect, giving him the ability to implement these measures. Among the steps Texas will take to stop defunding, it can deny a city tax revenue, tax rate limitations, and other constraints on state funds.

In other words, if a city dares to defund its police, it will lose ample cash from the state government.

The city can only see a reversal to these limitations after it demonstrations they are no longer reducing funding for police departments. To date, the only major city in Texas that cut police funding in recent years was Austin. Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio have all increased police budgets in recent years.

It’s sad it has come to this, but at least Abbott is working to stem the “defund” movement. States shouldn’t have to fight to make sure police are properly funded. But with radical leftists directing Democrat policy, this is what needs to be done to ensure our communities are safe. Don’t be surprised if other states follow Texas’s example.

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