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Democrat Megadonors Under Federal Investigation – Their Nine-Figure Wall Street “Lucky Bet” Is On The Hot Seat

Long time, Democrats have complained about how much donor money controls politics. Some, like AOC, have even claimed “dark money” should not be used in campaigns (despite taking dark money herself). Democrats have long said big donations could taint American progress.

Yet, most of the troubling activity from big donors seems to come from their side of the aisle.

Big Democrats donors have gotten into trouble over the years. I don’t have to tell you about Harvey Weinstein—who was one of the biggest liberal donors in Hollywood. Or about other big-name donors—who appear to have more influence over the country than most Americans. But now, three big-name Democrat donors are under investigation. And it might expose Congress itself.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

Federal authorities are investigating three Democratic megadonors who made an enormous bet on shares of Activision Blizzard just days before Microsoft agreed in January to acquire the video game company for $69 billion.

The U.S. Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission are both looking into the suspiciously timed trading activity of Barry Diller, owner of the Daily Beast, his stepson Alex von Fürstenberg, and his friend David Geffen, a longtime Democratic donor who gave $500,000 to the scandal-plagued Lincoln Project in 2020.

This sounds eerily familiar, doesn’t it? Three big liberal donors—megadonors—are being investigated for their “lucky bet” when they all bought stock in Activision Blizzard. The video game company soon after was bought by software giant Microsoft for $69 billion. All three of these men made millions.

What’s so suspicious about this move is that they bought the shares at the low price of $40 per share. Just four days later, those shares were worth $95—which Microsoft paid to buy the company. How convenient!

The reason this is especially troubling is because it comes just after lawmakers were hammered for insider trading. Democrats tried to excuse the common practice of Congress members buying and selling stocks, thanks to the insider information they have access to. But these men aren’t lawmakers, which suggests they got a tip from inside Congress about Microsoft’s impending purchase.

That could be literal insider trading, something illegal for a non-Congress member to do. Now, these men might face serious penalties for what they did.

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