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Texas Turns Back Clock To Trump Years – They Defy Biden Restart Donald’s Signature Achievement The Border Wall


Since the start of the Biden “presidency,” it’s been up to state leaders to preserve our rights and liberties. As Biden and his cohorts went to war with our country (with abusive mandates, inflation, and open border), Republicans at the state level have pushed back.

And few have done more to defend Americans’ rights than the Lone Star State.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been on the frontlines, fighting back against Biden’s agenda. His state has been hammered by old Joe’s seemingly America-last agenda. Texas has been hurt more than most due to Biden’s shocking DHS policies. But Texas refuses to take this lying down. And they have just resurrected Trump’s signature achievement.

From Breitbart:

The State acquired a large quantity of 30-foot wall panels from the Biden Administration to utilize in the construction of a border wall. The materials came from federal contracts cancelled in January 2021.

“Texas is the first state ever to build a border wall,” Governor Abbott began in an exclusive interview. “A lot of the border wall is being built by border wall material that there was a contract for, Texas bought it from contractors who built the wall for President Trump. We’re building the exact same wall.”

Texas will be resuming Trump’s border wall along its border, using the same materials the federal government acquired. You might be wondering, “Did Joe Biden really sell Texas border materials, when his agenda is to leave the border vulnerable?” Texas savvily acquired these materials, much of it left in the desert to rot, through the federal government’s “surplus program.”

That’s right. Biden so abandoned Trump’s border wall that the materials originally purchased to build it are now considered “surplus.” Texas took advantage of this and bought the materials. Until, according to Abbott, Biden found out about it. He stopped Texas from acquiring more materials, deliberately trying to stop the border wall from going up.

The governor has vowed to find other ways to acquire the rest of the wall materials. In the meantime, Texas will be using what they got to resume building of the wall. Gov. Abbott assured Americans it is the “exact same wall” Trump started during his administration. No doubt, Biden will try to find a way to stop this program.

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